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Embezzlement buyer; how exactly do they work

Enlisting the services of a household contents buyer can provide an efficient solution when you want to sell your household contents quickly and without worry. Whether it is the need for house clearance after a move, death or simply the desire to de-clutter, a professional buyer of ... Read more

Collective rage & autism; a unique challenge

Gathering disorder in people with autism is a topic that is receiving increasing attention. This interaction between collecting disorder and autism raises many questions and requires in-depth understanding. In this article, we explore the nuances of this complex relationship, focusing on behavioural characteristics, the ... Read more

Autism and hoarding; how do they affect each other?

Autism and hoarding are two terms that are increasingly discussed in today's society. But what exactly do these terms mean, and more importantly, how do they affect each other? In this article, we dive deep into the world of autism and hoarding, two unique ... Read more

Partner of a hoarder; what can you do about it?

Living with a partner who is a hoarder can be a complex challenge that significantly affects your relationship and home environment. Hoarding, or collecting disorder, is a psychiatric disorder in which collecting and keeping items, regardless of their actual value, leads to crowded living spaces and impaired ... Read more

What is hoarding?

The phenomenon of hoarding, also known as collecting disorder, is a complex condition that involves more than simply not being able to get rid of stuff. It has deep roots in psychological factors and can significantly affect the daily lives of affected individuals and those around them. ... Read more

Clearing house after death

Emptying the home after the death of a loved one is a task that is both emotionally and practically fraught. In this comprehensive article, we dive into the heart of this delicate process. We cover the most important aspects, from responsibilities to practical tips, and integrate ... Read more

House swept clean? This is how it works

When leaving an old owner-occupied house or moving into a new one, the term 'broom clean delivery' often comes up. But what exactly does delivering the property swept clean mean? And how do you ensure that you comply with this condition ... Read more

Probate home eviction? More information

When a tenant and landlord become diametrically opposed, the process of eviction may become inevitable. This process, often preceded by an eviction judgment, is complex and raises many questions. Let us take a closer look at this process, from the court proceedings to ... Read more

Consequences polluted house; immediate action

At a time when our home should be a haven, soiled homes can become a real nightmare. Hoarding and neglect is unfortunately becoming more common, and before this problem is piled on, it is important to make sure it stops so that it does not ... Read more

My mum has collecting rage, help!

When you utter the words "my mother has hoarding rage", it may be accompanied by a mix of worries, questions, and perhaps even a feeling of helplessness. Hoarding rage, also known as hoarding, is a complex condition that affects not only the person suffering from it, but ... Read more