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Clearing the studio: nothing too small or too big for ASAP

Clearing a studio is a process in which all contents are removed from a room. Consider, for example, emptying a care room, single-family home, or business premises. The target? Leave the space broom clean and empty, ready for a new purpose. Also a company eviction is not strange to us. Our evacuators can always relieve you of your worries. This way, your studio will be emptied quickly and you won't have to clear it out yourself. Nice, right? 

Why vacate your studio?

There are several reasons to have your studio cleared. Perhaps you are moving to a new home or a care room needs to be cleared discreetly within a short period of time. We ensure that the evacuation of homes runs smoothly and respectfully. It is of course entirely up to you which items you want to keep or throw away. ASAP House clearance happy to relieve you of your worries. Therefore, please contact us to clear the house.

Respectful house clearance

With every evacuation, large or small, we proceed respectfully and discreetly. Whether it concerns a home clearance after death or clearing out a home when moving, we handle your belongings with care and attention. It often happens that swept clean of the house is also left to us. This way you can prevent a home from not being ready before it is delivered. 

Temporary storage after an evacuation

Sometimes temporary storage of household effects is necessary. Whether it concerns a large home or a small studio, we offer solutions for temporary storage. This gives you time to decide what to do with the items. Our team of evacuators will ensure that the house is empty and will of course also take care of delivering your belongings to our well-secured storage. 

Disposal and reuse of items after clearing out a home

Not all contents have to be lost. We look at options for donating or having your belongings purchased. This not only helps reduce waste, but can also reduce the cost of a home clearance. However, the type of evictions we are dealing with obviously also influences this. 

Request a free quote from ZSM Woningontruiming

Would you like to know what the costs of a house clearance are? For a no-obligation quote and tailor-made advice about your specific situation, you can request a quote via the contact form on our website. We are known for our years of experience in house clearance, emergency evacuation and the discreet clearance of care rooms. Clearing a studio is a task that requires care, attention and professionalism. At ZSM Woningontruiming you are assured of a service that attaches great importance to these values. It is of course true that the more polluted the home, the higher the costs will be.

Request a free quote

Would you like to receive a quote for clearing your home or studio? Then request a free quote. This is completely without obligation and you are not committed to anything. By requesting a quote you will get a better idea of the costs and services we can offer you.

Do you have any questions or would you like advice before requesting a quote? Then you can always call us on 070-2116102. You can also send us an email at: We will then respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

Help Center

How much does a house clearance cost?

The costs of a home clearance depend on the size of the home and the amount of contents. A single-family home is different in price than a studio. Request a free quote for a clear estimate. We will of course discuss the costs of the house clearance with you in advance. You can leave the evacuation of a home to us with peace of mind. 

What happens to my belongings?

We look at options for reuse, donation, or purchasing. Our goal is to reuse as much as possible and prevent good things from being disposed of as waste.

How quickly can you empty a home?

This depends on the situation. In the event of an emergency evacuation, we can often take action within a few days. For a less urgent situation, we will plan a suitable date in consultation.

What are the steps for house clearance?

We always start with a personal appointment to discuss your wishes and the situation. You will then receive a no-obligation quote. After approval, we ensure that the property is vacated in accordance with the agreements and requirements of the landlord.

Does ZSM House Clearance offer additional services?

Yes, in addition to clearing, we offer services such as cleaning, minor repairs, and waste removal. We ensure that your home or business premises are delivered broom clean.