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Clearing your house in exchange for contents: is it possible to clear your house for free?

Is it time to vacate your home, but are you dreading the costs and hassle? We at ZSM have the solution: clear your house in exchange for the contents. More and more people are discovering the benefits of this smart approach. You can read all about it in this article!

Eviction against the sale of your belongings

Suppose you want to have your home cleared, but you do not want to pay sky-high costs. What now? An evacuation company like ours offers a solution. We will take over your belongings in exchange for clearing out your home. This means: no house clearance costs for you! Very nice, right?

Of course, the proceeds from your home will be somewhat lower than if you sold it. But you get a lot of convenience in return:

  • A quick and efficient evacuation
  • No worries about selling or disposing of your belongings
  • And above all: no unexpected costs!

Valuation of your contents

But how do we determine the value of your belongings? That is indeed an important point when evicting in exchange for contents. Our experienced appraisers use different methods to arrive at a fair price:

  1. An online valuation based on your photos and descriptions
  2. A thorough on-site inspection by an expert
  3. Or a combination of both for the most accurate result

Do you want to get the most out of your belongings? Then we have a few tips:

  • Present your belongings at their best: clean them and arrange them neatly
  • Please provide us with as much information as possible about the condition and age of the items
  • Would you like to point out valuable or unique pieces to us? We certainly appreciate that!

A second life for your things through a thrift store

Would you rather see your belongings go to a good cause? Then consider having it picked up for free by a thrift store near you. This way your belongings get a second life and you support a good cause. Two birds with one stone!

But please note: this is purely a charity case. You will not receive any compensation for your belongings. And not all thrift stores accept everything. They often use a list of accepted goods. Moreover, it may take a while for them to come to you, so take into account a longer wait time.

Buying up household contents: how does it work?

Do you see more merit in selling your belongings yourself? That's also possible! There are several options:

  1. Are you going for convenience? Try online sales via Marktplaats or Facebook Marketplace
  2. Would you like to involve the neighborhood? Organize a fun garage sale
  3. Do you have valuable pieces? An auction via an auction house can be interesting

But how do you attract eager customers? Easy:

  • Take attractive photos and write clear descriptions of your items
  • Compare your prices to similar items to determine market value
  • Be realistic and open to negotiation
  • Provide a secure and reliable payment method to prevent tampering

Have your house cleared for free

Does a completely free house clearance sound too good to be true? It usually is. Even for clearance companies there are costs for transport, labor and waste processing. After all, we can't do magic!

But there are exceptions in which a very affordable or even free evacuation is possible:

  • If your contents are very valuable and cover the evacuation costs
  • In case of a social or charitable situation
  • Some municipalities offer subsidies or support programs

Our advice? Always request multiple quotes and inquire with your municipality about possible support. This way you are guaranteed to find the best deal.

How much does a house clearance cost?

The key question: how much will a house clearance cost you in 2024? That depends on a number of factors:

  • The size and condition of your home
  • The quantity and type of contents
  • How quickly you want the house vacated
  • And the location of your home

1-2 room apartment€500 – €1.500
3-4 room apartment€1.000 – €3.000
Single-family home€2.000 – €6.000

Please note: these are only target prices. The final costs may be higher or lower. But do you really want to save on your eviction? Then try these tips:

  • Sell valuables yourself
  • Clean up as much as possible yourself before the evacuators arrive
  • Compare quotes from different companies
  • Or opt for a smart evacuation in exchange for contents!

Clear your house at the lowest price!

Looking for the most affordable removal of your belongings? Then requesting a quote is the message! Compare different companies, not only on price but also on reputation and conditions.

What should you pay attention to when requesting a quote?

  1. Describe your home and contents as clearly as possible
  2. Take photos of key items and areas
  3. Be clear about your wishes and expectations
  4. Ask about the conditions and included services

And watch out for common snags:

  • Hidden costs for transport or waste disposal
  • Vague conditions regarding the takeover of your household effects
  • Companies without a track record or good reputation

Take it from us: comparing carefully pays off!

Legal and financial aspects of an eviction

Have you decided to vacate your house in exchange for contents? Don't forget to also consider the legal and financial side of the matter:

  • Ownership rights: make clear agreements about the transfer of your belongings
  • Liability: check whether it evacuation company is well insured
  • Taxes: inquire about possible tax consequences of the home contents sale or donation

Our golden tips:

  • Put all agreements in black and white in a clear contract
  • Request an itemized invoice for the eviction
  • Please keep all relevant documents carefully for your records

This way you avoid nasty surprises afterwards. Because you already have enough to worry about during an evacuation!


Clearing your house in exchange for contents is the best way to get rid of your contents quickly and cheaply. By offsetting the value of your belongings against the eviction costs, you keep your wallet saturated. And your home will be empty and tidy in no time!

However, it is smart to first consider the pros and cons. And to compare different providers before you give the green light. But with the right approach and guidance, evicting in exchange for contents can easily be your best decision of 2024!

Curious what ASAP House can do for you? Contact us today without obligation. We are ready to take care of your evacuation down to the last detail. See you soon!

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Help Center

Do you still have questions? Don't worry, you're not alone! Here we have the answers to the most frequently asked questions about clearing your house in exchange for contents:

Can I decide for myself which things I keep?

Naturally! Indicate clearly in advance which items you want to keep or sell. The clearance company takes this into account when assessing and clearing.

How long does an evacuation take on average?

This varies per home and contents. Allow 1 to 5 days for a standard evacuation. But this may take shorter or longer in specific cases.

What does the clearance company do with my belongings?

After the eviction, the company will carefully sort your belongings. Salable items are sold through stores, auctions or online channels. Unsaleable items go to charity or are recycled.

Can I get additional services, such as cleaning?

Of course! Many house clearance companies offer additional services. Think of cleaning, disassembling furniture or even minor repairs. Inquire about the options and associated costs.