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Clearing a contaminated home costs 2023

A polluted home can be a source of worries and problems. Clearing a contaminated home is often a challenging task that requires specialized help. Not only must the home be cleared, but it must also be thoroughly cleaned to restore quality of life. In this article we will discuss the costs and step-by-step plan for clearing a contaminated home. Would you like specific information about the costs? Then you can contact us via telephone number 070-2116102 and you can always email us at ZSM House Clearance happy to help you.

Cleaning a dirty home

A contaminated home is often the result of a complex combination of factors, such as neglect, psychological problems or addiction. Evacuating the home is essential to ensure the health and safety of the residents. In addition, a contaminated home can cause nuisance to the surrounding area and result in a decrease in the value of the property. It is therefore very important to have your contaminated home cleared and make it completely livable again.

House clearance costs

The costs of clearing a contaminated home can vary depending on several factors. Some important factors that affect costs are:

Extent of the contents of the heavily contaminated home

The larger the size of the contents, the higher the costs. A contaminated home may be full of items that need to be removed, cleaned or disposed of. Clearing a contaminated home is often difficult because the home must be completely emptied before we can start cleaning work.

Severity of contamination

A heavily contaminated home requires more time, effort and specialized equipment to clean. The costs will increase the more serious the pollution is. There is simply a lot that needs to be done to make sure the house is delivered neatly again.

Type of house

The type of home also plays a role in determining the costs. An apartment may have different evacuation and cleaning requirements than a detached house. For a larger home, the costs are of course often somewhat higher.

Condition of the house. Is it a seriously polluted house?

The current condition of the home can also influence the costs. If there is structural damage or other issues, this may incur additional costs. Would you like to have the house cleaned? Request a free quote now from ZSM home clearance. We are happy to help you.

A step-by-step plan for evacuating your home

Have you had one before? evacuation company called in to clear a contaminated home? Then you probably already know how this works. Do you have no experience with this yet? We will then be happy to explain the process to you. Clearing a contaminated home requires a systematic approach. Below is a step-by-step plan:

Inspection and evaluation before evacuation

Before the eviction process begins, it is important to conduct a thorough inspection of the home. This allows for a better assessment of the required resources, equipment and manpower. Every home is of course different and the exact costs of the home clearance are usually determined in this way.

The evacuators will sort and remove everything

Contents should be sorted into categories, such as items to keep, items to donate, and trash. The waste must be disposed of safely and the items to be retained must be able to be cleaned.

Cleaning and disinfecting the dirty home

After removing the contents, the home must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. This includes cleaning surfaces, floors, walls and any existing sanitary facilities. Clearing is often a tough job, but cleaning a heavily contaminated home can be even tougher.

Repair work throughout the house

If there is structural damage to the home, repairs will need to be carried out. This can range from minor repairs to major renovations, depending on the extent of the damage.

Final inspection of the entire home

After the cleaning and repair work, a final inspection must be carried out to check whether the home is safe and habitable again. The men from ZSM Home Clearance will ensure that your home is clean and habitable again.


Clearing a contaminated home is often a complex and challenging process. It requires specialized help to make the home safe and livable. As you have read before, the costs for clearing a heavily contaminated home vary. The costs depend mainly on various factors, such as the size of the contents, the severity of the contamination, the type of home and the condition of the home. Following a step-by-step plan can help keep the process organized and efficient. 

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Help Center

What does a polluted house clearance cost?

The costs for clearing a contaminated home vary depending on various factors, such as the size of the contents, the severity of the contamination and the type of home. It is best to request a free custom quote to get an accurate estimate. At ZSM Woningontruiming we are happy to help you clear and clean the home. We do everything necessary to deliver the home quickly.

How long does it take to clear and clean a contaminated home?

The duration of clearing and cleaning a contaminated home depends on the extent of the contamination and the condition of the home. It can vary from a few days to several weeks. To clear a contaminated home, the condition of the seriously contaminated home, the size of the home and the repair work that is required must be carefully examined.

Can I clear a contaminated home myself?

Clearing a contaminated home can be dangerous and require specialized knowledge and equipment. It is advisable to seek professional help to make the process safe and efficient. There may be dead animals, human feces and drug waste throughout the home. 

What happens to the contents of a contaminated home?

The contents of a contaminated home can be sorted into items to keep, items to donate and waste. Items to be retained can be cleaned and stored, while waste is safely disposed of. Do you have a lot of stuff to throw away? We will then deliver them neatly to the designated points. This way we will leave your entire home tidy again.

Can I get a free quote for clearing a contaminated home?

Yes, you can request a no-obligation quote at any time from ZSM Woningontruiming. The application is free and you are not committed to anything after your application!  

Of course, a contaminated home does not just happen and we often have to evacuate the home. In addition to clearing, tidying and cleaning, it is of course also important that you receive the right help with a dirty house. When it comes to a heavily polluted home, we also think it is important to offer the residents the right guidance. Yes, leaving the home clean is an important task, but cleaning the home starts with good communication with the residents.