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Emptying the house after death; a difficult time

When a loved one dies, this is a difficult period for the surviving relatives. Unfortunately, friends and family also have to arrange other matters in addition to grieving. Consider, for example, the funeral. You can probably imagine how difficult this is for the surviving relatives and that is precisely why it is often chosen to hire a professional company for the emptying the house of a deceased person. The valuable memories of the surviving relatives' home get in the way, which can make it all too difficult. At ZSM House clearance we understand this very much.

Clearing a house after death

It can be very unclear for the relatives who is responsible for the home evacuation of the deceased. In the Netherlands, the partner or other blood relatives will inherit. If there is a will, this could of course also be a completely different person. However, the fact that heirs are responsible for a house clearance does not mean that they have to carry it out themselves.

Due to the difficult circumstances, clearing out a house is better left to a professional evacuation company. The company will always make clear agreements and ensure that the home is delivered in its original condition. In the case of a home for sale, they will prepare it for sale.

Evacuate a rental property

After the death of the resident, a rental property must often be vacated as quickly as possible. The requirements of the landlord or housing development must also be taken into account. The home must be empty and broom clean upon delivery. Special work must be carried out for this. This could include removing carpeting or painting the walls.

Evacuate an owner-occupied home

A home for sale must be prepared for sale as quickly as possible. The fact is that as long as the house is not sold, the legal heir has to pay the costs and of course you do not want this.

Valuables and/or precious items

Having a home emptied or cleaned by a company naturally means that there must be some trust. Fortunately, moving companies in the Netherlands always employ good employees who handle valuables in a respectful manner. What happens to contents is always discussed in advance. Do the evacuators come across any other important documents or items during the job? They will then immediately report this to their manager.

House clearance costs

Evictions after death sometimes cost a bit. The total costs depend on various factors. Yes, it is always a labor-intensive job, but other factors also influence the price. For example, furnishings or the type of home play a major role. Is it a small or large house? Additional costs for the extra work must also be considered. This makes it impossible to give an estimate of the average price.

Get free quotes from ZSM

Do you have to leave a house empty due to circumstances? A professional company can clear the house and they often do this at competitive rates.

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