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Evacuate contaminated home; quick & easy

A polluted home can be a source of serious problems. Not only is it an unhealthy and unsafe environment, but it can also lead to social isolation and other negative consequences. A home clearance is an important step to help the resident and make the home livable again. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind a contaminated home, discuss the serious consequences, and cover the process of clearing and cleaning. We will also emphasize the importance of seeking professional help. 

Reasons for a heavily polluted home

There are several reasons why a home can become contaminated. A common cause is collecting mania, where people have difficulty getting rid of household effects and continue to collect them. This can lead to overcrowded rooms and hallways, making it difficult to keep the home clean and organized. In addition, psychological problems, such as depression or anxiety disorders, can play a role in the development of these homes. People with such conditions often have difficulty caring for themselves and maintaining their home. Physical limitations can also play a role, making it difficult to clean and maintain the home.

Because neglect of the home often lasts for long periods, the evacuation of such a home is very difficult.  

Serious consequences of a polluted house

A contaminated home can have serious consequences for both the resident and the environment. First of all, it poses health risks. Such a home can lead to the growth of mold, the presence of pests and a build-up of dust and dirt. This can cause breathing problems, allergic reactions and other health problems. In addition, there are safety risks associated with a contaminated home.

Crowded rooms and hallways can increase the risk of falls, while the presence of flammable material increases the risk of fire. A contaminated home can also lead to social isolation, where residents are ashamed to invite people over and therefore become isolated from friends and family. You can probably imagine that cleaning a contaminated home is a very complicated process. 

The process of clearing a heavily contaminated home

A house clearance is a complex process that requires professional help. The first thing to do is to call in a specialized cleaning company that has experience in clearing contaminated homes. These professionals have the knowledge, skills and equipment to carry out the process efficiently and safely.

Once engaged, the cleaning company will draw up an action plan. This includes sorting and clearing the contents, distinguishing between valuable items, waste and items that can be cleaned. The house will then be thoroughly cleaned and any repair work will be carried out to bring the house back into good condition. For example, it may be the case that the gentlemen of ZSM House Clearance will also remove floors. In addition to clearing, many other activities are also carried out.

Costs 2023 of clearing and cleaning a contaminated home

The costs for clearing and cleaning a contaminated home vary depending on various factors. The extent of the contamination, the size of the home and the remedial work required are some of the main factors affecting costs. Clearing the home is always a specialist job and it is therefore advisable to request a free quote from ZSM Woningontruiming.

It is important to note that clearing a contaminated home is often a specialist task that requires professional help. It is worth investing in, given the serious consequences of a contaminated home and the benefits of calling in professionals such as ZSM Home Evacuation. Leave the clearing of the contaminated home to us and you will no longer have to worry about anything.

Professional help in clearing a seriously contaminated home

Calling in professional help with a house clearance has many advantages. Specialized cleaning companies have experience and expertise in dealing with contaminated homes. We have the right equipment, cleaning agents and protective clothing to carry out the process safely and efficiently.

 Moreover, we can ensure an organized approach and draw up the right action plan. Calling in professionals reduces stress and ensures that the home is thoroughly cleaned and restored. At ZSM Woningontruiming you can request no-obligation quotes to understand the costs.

Tips for preventing the entire home

It is always better to prevent a contaminated home than to have to evacuate it. Here are some tips to prevent a polluted home:

  1. Maintain regular tidying routines: Establish a regular schedule for tidying and cleaning the home to prevent clutter from building up.
  2. Recognize collecting mania: Be aware of the signs of collecting mania and seek help in a timely manner if you notice that you are having difficulty getting rid of things.
  3. Get help early: If you notice that it is becoming difficult to keep the home clean and organized, do not hesitate to seek professional help. It is better to seek help early than to wait for the situation to escalate.


Clearing a contaminated home is an important step to help the resident and make the home livable again. A polluted home has serious consequences, both in terms of health, safety and social interaction. The process of clearing and cleaning requires professional help and is associated with costs.

Hiring specialized cleaning companies offers many advantages and ensures that the home is thoroughly cleaned and restored. It is also important to take preventive measures to avoid a contaminated home. Regular clean-up routines and timely assistance can help maintain a healthy and organized living environment.

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Help Center

What is a contaminated home?

A contaminated home is one that has an accumulation of dirt, clutter, and disorganized items. It can create an unhealthy and unsafe environment.

What are the consequences of a polluted home?

A polluted home can lead to health problems, such as respiratory problems and allergies. It can also pose safety risks and cause social isolation.

Should I call in professional help to clear a contaminated home?

It is highly recommended to call in professionals when clearing a contaminated home. Specialized cleaning companies have the knowledge, experience and equipment to carry out the process efficiently and safely. Clearing a contaminated home is often a difficult job, but at ZSM-Housing Clearance we will make the home completely beautiful again.

What are the costs of clearing and cleaning a contaminated home?

The costs may vary depending on the extent of the contamination, the size of the home and the repair work required. It is advisable to request quotes to get an idea of the costs. At ZSM-Housing Clearance this is completely free.

If it concerns a dirty home, the costs will of course increase. The more that needs to be done, the higher the costs. Information about the costs can be found on our website. 

How can I prevent a polluted home?

A dirty home is often the result of serious neglect. Maintaining regular cleaning routines, recognizing collecting mania and calling for help in a timely manner can help prevent a contaminated home. This way the condition of the house will always remain good.