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An eviction notice

If you own a home with a mortgage, the concept of “eviction notice” can be important. But what exactly is an eviction notice and why can it affect you as an owner? In this article we will delve deeper into the eviction notice, its role in a mortgage and why it is important to be well informed about it. ZSM House Clearance happy to help you.

What is an eviction notice?

An eviction notice is a document used by the lender (the bank) to oblige the owner of a home to leave the home. This can be done on a voluntary or forced basis, depending on the circumstances. The eviction notice is intended to provide the lender with certainty that the home can be sold to pay off the mortgage debt.

When is an eviction notice requested?

A lender can request an eviction notice in different situations. For example, when the owner cannot meet the mortgage obligations, such as not paying the monthly mortgage payments. When selling the home, the lender can also ask for an eviction notice, so that the home can be delivered to the new owner free of rent and use.

What does signing an eviction notice entail?

Signing an eviction notice has various financial and legal consequences. First of all, it means that you, as the owner, agree to leave the property according to the conditions set out in the statement. It may also mean that you as the owner have not been able to meet your obligations regarding the mortgage and that this can lead to negative consequences, such as a BKR registration.

Cohabitation and the eviction notice

If you start living together with a partner, the situation surrounding the eviction notice may change. If the new partner moves in with the owner of the home, it may be necessary to make an adjustment to the mortgage and the eviction notice. It is important to seek advice from financial advisors on this matter, so that you are well informed about the consequences of a live-in partner on the eviction notice.

Eviction notice and sale of the home

When selling a home for which an eviction notice has been issued, it is important to understand what the consequences are. If the home is sold, the proceeds will be used to pay off the mortgage debt. Additional money may have to be paid if the value of the home is lower than the mortgage debt. It is advisable to seek advice from experts in these cases to understand what steps you need to take and what financial obligations there are.


An eviction notice is an important document that can lead to changes and obligations regarding your mortgage and home. It is essential to understand the contents and consequences of an eviction notice before signing it. If you have any doubts or questions, it is always wise to seek professional advice to ensure you are aware of your rights and obligations.

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Help Center

What happens if I have to sign an eviction notice?

Signing an eviction notice means that you agree to leave the home according to the conditions in the statement.

When is an eviction notice requested?

An eviction notice may be requested if you cannot meet the mortgage obligations or when selling the home.

What are the consequences of signing an eviction notice?

Signing an eviction notice can have financial and legal consequences, such as not being able to meet your mortgage obligations and a possible BKR registration.

What should I do if I start living together and have an eviction notice?

If you are going to live together, it is important to seek advice from financial advisors to understand the consequences of cohabitation on the eviction notice and to make any necessary adjustments.

What happens when the home is sold with an eviction notice?

When selling a home with an eviction notice, the proceeds are used to pay off the mortgage debt, with additional payments possible if the value of the home is lower than the mortgage debt.