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Help with moving elderly people

The moment of moving is an exciting event for everyone, but for seniors it can be extra challenging. Leaving a familiar environment and organizing a move later in life can be stressful, both physically and emotionally. Fortunately, there are specialized companies such as ZSM Woningontruiming that take care of senior relocations and provide the necessary assistance. ZSM House Clearance happy to help you.

When moving elderly people, it is important to take various aspects into account, such as moving belongings safely and efficiently, arranging administrative tasks and ensuring a smooth transition to the new home. In this article we will discuss the benefits of moving assistance for the elderly and show you how a specialist company such as ZSM Woningontruiming can support you during this process.

Benefits of moving assistance for the elderly

There are many benefits to hiring senior moving help. We would like to explain some of them to you.

Specialized movers

Do you need help moving seniors? We like to help you. Moving can require a lot of physical effort, especially for seniors. At ZSM Woningontruiming we understand the specific needs of the elderly and can therefore work in a professional and caring manner. We have experience in moving valuable possessions, such as furniture and paintings, and ensure that everything arrives safely at the new home. Move with peace of mind, move with Home Clearance ASAP.

Efficiency and time saving

Organizing a move can take a lot of time and energy, especially if you have to arrange it yourself. By using the services of ZSM Woningontruiming, which specializes in senior relocations, you can save a lot of time. Our men will plan and execute the entire process efficiently, so that you can focus on other important matters. Moving to a care home can require an enormous amount of energy from an elderly person, so we obviously do not want to burden you with even more work during the senior move.

Packing and unpacking of household effects

Packing and unpacking your belongings can be a time-consuming job. We specialize in senior relocations and therefore offer the service of packing and unpacking your belongings. We ensure that your belongings are packed safely, so you don't have to worry about damage. When you arrive at your new home, we can also help you unpack and assemble furniture. For example, consider placing your belongings in the right place. You can move safely with ZSM Home Clearance.

Clearance of the old house

When you move, your old home often has to be cleared. This can be a time-consuming and stressful task. ZSM Woningontruiming can help you with the evacuation and ensure that the house is left tidy. This includes disposing of waste, cleaning the property and returning it in accordance with the landlord's requirements. We also have articles on our website with the best moving tips. 

The moving process for seniors

A ZSM Home Clearance focuses on senior relocations and can guide you through the entire moving process. Below is a step-by-step description of what to expect:

Step 1: Free and non-binding quote

At ZSM Woningontruiming you can always request a free, no-obligation quote for your senior move. We will discuss your wishes and needs and propose a tailor-made moving plan. This allows you to make an informed decision before committing to the moving service. You obviously want to be aware of the moving costs for the complete move in advance, right?

Step 2: Personal advice and moving plan

After accepting the quote, we will have a personal consultation with you. We will discuss your specific wishes and requirements and draw up a detailed moving plan. This takes into account the size of your belongings, the distance between the current home and the new home, and any special requirements. For example, also consider additional moving services that you want to use. Consider the rental of moving boxes or storage.

For a free quote, all you have to do is fill out the form on our website. Once we have received your request, we will start working for you immediately. 

Step 3: Professional relocation

On the day of the move, the moving team will arrive at your old home at the agreed time. We will carefully pack your belongings and ensure that everything is transported safely to your new home. Upon arrival at the new home, we can assemble your furniture and place your belongings in the desired places. This way, moving day will be behind you before you know it. Our services are just there to make things a lot easier for you.

Step 4: Packing and unpacking of household effects

As part of the service, we can help you pack and unpack your belongings. We will ensure that your belongings are safely packed and marked for a smooth move. When you arrive at your new home, we can assist you with unpacking and assembling furniture, so you can quickly start enjoying your new home. Would you like to take advantage of our help? Then you can contact us without obligation.


Moving assistance for the elderly offers numerous advantages and can significantly simplify the transition to a new home or, for example, assisted living. At ZSM Woningontruiming we understand the specific needs of seniors and we ensure that the move is efficient, safe and stress-free. We provide support with all aspects of the move, such as packing and unpacking your belongings and clearing your old home. By using our services you can enjoy a worry-free transition to your new home. ZSM Woningontruiming specializes in evictions and senior relocations. We will be present on moving day to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Don't wait any longer and contact us today for senior moves. Let the professionals do the work for you, so you can relax and look forward to a new phase in your life.

Request a free quote

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Help Center

We understand that there are many questions about moving with the elderly and that is why we have listed the most frequently asked questions for you. 

How much does a senior move cost?

The costs of a senior move vary and depend mainly on various factors, such as the size of your belongings, the distance between the old and new home, and any additional services you require. It is advisable to request a no-obligation quote so that we can provide you with an accurate price indication.

What happens to my old home after the move?

ZSM Woningontruiming can help you clear out your old home. We ensure that the house is delivered broom clean in accordance with the requirements of the landlord or real estate agent. We can also take care of the delivery for you. This way we ensure that everything is neat and in its original condition. This is our way of working.

Does the company also offer help with administrative tasks?

No, at ZSM Woningontruiming we unfortunately cannot help you with administrative tasks. We can move your furniture and other belongings to a nursing home or larger home and we are therefore specialized in clearing homes, but unfortunately we are not specialized in administrative tasks. 

Can I have my things stored if I temporarily don't have room for everything?

Yes, ZSM Wongingontruiming offers storage facilities where you can have your belongings temporarily stored. This can be useful if you are temporarily staying in a smaller home or if you cannot immediately move into your new home.

How can I contact a specialized company for senior relocation assistance? 

You can contact us by telephone on 070-2116102 or you can send an email to