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How long does an eviction take?

An eviction from a home or business premises is a major event that takes place when there is rent arrears or other legal proceedings. It is a situation that can raise many questions and concerns for both the tenant and the landlord. In this article we will discuss the various aspects of house clearance and answer frequently asked questions about this subject.

What is an evacuation and why is it used?

An eviction is the process in which a tenant is forced to leave the home or business premises due to, for example, rent arrears or failure to comply with other obligations under the rental agreement. A landlord can decide to do this if no improvement occurs after repeated reminders. The bailiff plays an important role in this by serving the eviction notice to the tenant.

Starting an eviction procedure

It is very important for landlords to take timely action when there is rent arrears or other defaults. Hiring a bailiff is often necessary. This person will write to the tenant and demand that he pay the rental debt for the rental property or vacate the rented property. If the tenant does not respond in time, the landlord can initiate legal proceedings to obtain the eviction notice. After this, they can start clearing the house.

The duration of an eviction

Exactly how long an evacuation takes depends on various factors. In most cases, the process will take several weeks to several months. It is important that landlords are aware of the fact that eviction cannot take place overnight. There are legal procedures and deadlines that must be followed to vacate the home.

The role of the bailiff

The bailiff plays a crucial role in clearing a home or business premises. After obtaining the eviction notice from the judge, the bailiff will serve this to the tenant. This officially informs the tenant of the judgment and gives a period within which the eviction must take place.

Clearing the house

As soon as the judgment has been served, the actual eviction will take place. The bailiff will clear the home or business premises together with an evacuation service or moving company. The contents are removed from the building and can possibly be placed in storage. It sometimes happens that a locksmith needs to be called in. 

Costs of an eviction

A frequently asked question is what the costs are house clearance. These costs can vary and depend on various factors, such as the size of the property, the amount of contents, and the location of the property. Furthermore, additional costs may arise if the tenant resists the eviction or if the home is contaminated. 

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The bailiff's duty of care

An important aspect of an eviction is the bailiff's duty of care. This person has the task of ensuring that the evacuation takes place in a careful and responsible manner. For example, the tenant's personal belongings must be taken into account and no damage may be caused to the property.

The importance of correct service

The eviction notice is only legally valid if it has been correctly served on the tenant after the court's ruling. This means that it must be officially and properly handed over to the tenant. A professional bailiff has experience in correctly serving judgments and ensures that this process runs according to the rules.

Termination of the rental agreement

In addition to an eviction, a rental agreement can also be terminated as a result of, for example, repeated rent arrears or breach of contract. The judge can declare a dissolution and terminate the rental agreement.


An evacuation is a complex process that requires a lot of time and attention. It is very important that landlords take timely action in the event of rent arrears and initiate legal proceedings when necessary. Hiring an experienced bailiff is essential to ensure that the eviction process is carried out in a careful and professional manner. In this way, the rights of both the tenant and the landlord can be guaranteed, and the home or business premises can be vacated within the legal framework.

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Help Center

Can the bailiff just vacate the house?

No, the bailiff must always have an eviction notice from the judge before he can proceed with eviction.

How long does it take before a home is evacuated?

The length of an eviction can vary, but the process can take anywhere from weeks to months.

What are the costs of a house clearance?

The costs of an evacuation can vary and depend on various factors.

What happens to the tenant's contents during the eviction?

The contents are removed from the building and can be stored if necessary.

What is the role of the bailiff during the eviction?

The bailiff ensures that the eviction notice is served and carries out the actual eviction together with an eviction service.