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People who neglect their homes

People who neglect their homes and therefore end up in a polluted home is the subject that this article will discuss in detail. We dive into the world of home pollution and try to understand why this happens, what dangers it entails and what you can do to make a polluted home livable again.

Cleaning up a neglected home

Let's start with clearing a contaminated home. This is a process in which all items that are contaminated are removed from the home. All floors and walls are then cleaned, repaired and painted if necessary. The professional gentlemen from ZSM House clearance know exactly how to handle a house clearance. We are the best for a reason evacuation company that you can find anywhere! 

It often concerns people with problems

A polluted home does not just happen. There is often neglect of both the house and the resident themselves. This may be related to various factors such as psychological problems, loneliness or addiction.

After everything has been cleaned up

After a home has been evacuated, it is important to make it livable again. This involves various professionals, such as evacuators, cleaners and painters. They ensure that the home becomes habitable again. At ZSM Woningontruiming you have come to the right place to arrange all this in one go.

Why do people pollute their homes?

There are several reasons why people pollute their homes. This may have to do with psychological conditions that actually require psychiatric care, loneliness, addiction or, for example, financial problems.

Which conditions do people have that cause a high risk of home pollution?

There are several psychological conditions that pose a high risk of home pollution. Consider depression, schizophrenia or an anxiety disorder. Physical conditions can also play a role, such as dementia or a physical disability.

What situations do people find themselves in that cause a high risk of home pollution?

There are also various situations that can lead to home pollution. Think of loneliness, poverty, addiction or homelessness.

Collecting mania is not always the cause of home pollution

A common misunderstanding is that home pollution is always caused by a passion for collecting. Although this can certainly play a role, as you have read before, there are also many other factors that can lead to home pollution.

GGD notifications

Is there a home in your area where someone is dealing with a contaminated house? Then you can report the matter to the GGZ or other authorities in your area so that they can intervene. These often have a reporting point where they can help local residents with social work.

Types of pollution in and around a home

There are different types of pollution that can occur in and around a home. This includes waste, vermin such as mice or rats, mold or bad odors. These are of course serious problems and often a thorn in the side of local residents.

Have a contaminated home cleared out?

Clearing out a contaminated home is often the first step towards a clean and livable home. However, this is not a job that anyone should want to do themselves. It is wise to leave this to professionals. Our professional evacuators will look at the situation with you and make agreements with you so that the situation can be tackled and the house will be delivered clean and tidy.

The danger of home pollution

Home pollution poses various dangers. Not only for the resident himself, but also for local residents and healthcare staff. Health risks can arise from mold, pests or bad odors. Sometimes people leave their homes so polluted, often due to psychosocial problems that those close to them were sometimes not even aware of. Out of shame, they will often not quickly turn to healthcare for help themselves. However, a dirty house is dangerous and this especially applies to people who are very confused. So it is very important to take action quickly. 

Danger to local residents

Home pollution can cause nuisance to local residents. This can manifest itself in odor, vermin or even fire hazard. These unsanitary matters can be tackled by experts such as ZSM Woningontruiming.

Danger to personnel

A contaminated home can also be dangerous for our staff. They may come into contact with harmful substances or pathogens. Fortunately, we always use professional materials so that everyone is well protected. It is therefore very important that expert help is called in so that the home can be left safe and clean as quickly as possible. 

Clearing a contaminated home: how does it work?

Clearing a contaminated home is a process that consists of several steps. First, all contaminated items are removed, then the home is thoroughly cleaned and restored. Finally, everything is neatly painted again. We always make an action plan in advance with, for example, the local nurse or home care provider so that everything can be cleared safely. 

Hire professional evacuators?

To clear a contaminated home, it is wise to hire a professional clearer such as ZSM Woningontruiming. We have the knowledge and experience to solve this problem in a safe and efficient manner. We ensure that the home quickly becomes livable again in a safe manner. Naturally, we always do this together with all organizations involved.

Floor removal

Floor removal is part of the eviction process. Old and contaminated floors are removed and replaced if necessary.

Cleaning (Cleaning)

Cleaning is an important part of the evacuation process. The home is cleaned from top to bottom to remove all contamination.

Repair work

Repair work is necessary to repair any damage to the home. This can vary from minor repairs to major renovations.

Painting work

Painting work is often necessary after the home has been cleared and cleaned. This ensures that the house looks neat again.

Want to know what an evacuation costs?

The costs of an evacuation can vary depending on the size of the home and the degree of pollution.

What exactly does it cost to clear a contaminated home? 

To receive the exact costs for your evacuation, it is best to request a free quote from us.


When clearing a contaminated home, custom work is often required. Every situation is unique and requires a specific approach.

What are the costs based on?

The costs of clearing a contaminated home are based on various factors such as the size of the home, the degree of pollution and the work required.

Receive the best price

To receive the best price for clearing a contaminated home, it is wise to request a free quote from ZSM Woningontruiming.

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