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Delivering a rental house after death

When a loved one dies, you have a lot to deal with. What happens to your rental property if you die? This question is often the subject of many conversations and there is a lot involved. For example, do you have to pay rent in this case? What do you do with the contents? And what if you do not accept the inheritance? We are happy to explain to you what exactly the surviving relatives should do in this situation.

The inheritance

Clearing the home of a deceased loved one is an emotional and sometimes difficult process, but it is also an important part of handling the estate. It is essential that heirs are well informed about this so that they know where they stand. For example, after emptying a home, the delivery of the home must also be considered. 

Do heirs have to restore the home?

The landlord may demand that the property be left in the same condition as the tenant received it. It is therefore important to know what the lease agreement says and what obligations the heirs have. Have the heirs accepted the inheritance beneficially? They are then responsible for clearing out the deceased's home and they must usually also return the home in its original condition upon completion. Fortunately, good agreements are often made with the surviving relatives and the landlord and the rental contract is always examined. 


Are you a fellow resident? This means that as a remaining resident you are not entitled to the rental property, unless there is a co-tenancy. In that case, you as the remaining resident can continue the rental. However, it is best to seek legal advice from, for example, a lawyer.


It is essential to secure personal, precious and valuable items before clearing the home. This can prevent important memories from being lost and valuables from falling into the wrong hands.

Evacuating the rental property after the tenant's death

The rental property must usually be left broom clean after death. This means that the home must be left empty and clean and therefore in its original condition. The tenant or heirs are responsible for this.

Costs of providing the rental property

It is virtually impossible to deliver the house empty for a fixed price. This is due to the fact that we as professionals evacuation company need to look at various factors. For example, how big is the house and what condition is the house in? Should the house only be cleared or should it also be delivered broom clean? 

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