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Remove stair coverings; that's how you do that!

Removing stair coverings? Removing carpeting, including adhesive residue, from the stairs is a tough and time-consuming job. Due to the different types of floor coverings, adhesives and installation methods, each staircase requires a different approach to completely remove this floor covering and adhesive residue without seriously damaging the stairs.


Glue residue

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How do I remove carpet from the stairs?

Ways to remove carpet from stairs:

  • Pull off by hand
  • Soak off with warm water and soap
  • Soaking off with cola (fable)

Peel off the carpet by hand

Pulling off the carpet by hand is easy to do in most cases, but it does take quite a bit of strength and energy. You can use pliers, for example, to hold the floor covering better. Start pulling from a random angle, this is where the floor covering has the least hold and should therefore come loose more easily.

Soak the carpet with warm water and soap

Soaking the carpet using warm water and soap can help, but is not recommended in most cases. It may be the case that the floor covering does not want to come loose with pulling alone. Warm water with soap can help to weaken the bond between the floor covering and the adhesive layer if it is water-based, causing the floor covering to come loose when pulled. This is often not the case!

(Note: There is a good chance that water will run down through cracks in the stairs! So cover the space at the bottom of the stairs well and tape all seams and cracks if you use this method to prevent water damage .)

Remove carpeting with cola

One of the biggest myths regarding removing carpet from stairs is using coke. Apart from the fact that with this method there is also a good chance that the cola will run down the stairs through cracks, it will do no more than make a big sticky mess, which will ultimately only make the process more difficult. So don't do this!

How do I remove adhesive residue from the stairs?

Ways to remove adhesive residue from stairs:

  • Heat gun
  • Stick knife/putty knife
  • Adhesive remover/stripper
  • Sander

Remove adhesive residue with a hot air gun

Most adhesive residues can be easily removed using a heat gun and triangular scraper. You heat the glue residue with the hot air gun and then immediately scrape over it with the triangle scraper. It is certainly not easy! It is a very intensive and time-consuming job because you have to continuously apply pressure to the triangle scraper to remove the glue residue. This method ensures the best end result.

Remove adhesive residue with a knife

You use a knife to loosen the thicker pieces of glue. Be careful not to use a knife that is too sharp and not to exert too much pressure on the knife. This can ensure that you not only remove the glue residue but also damage the wood. So be careful with the knife!

Remove adhesive residue with adhesive remover/stripper

Adhesive remover/stripper can work very well on the somewhat thinner layers of adhesive residue. You spread the glue remover over the glue residue with a thick brush and then let it work for a while. Once the adhesive remover has worked, you can remove the adhesive residue using a triangular scraper or knife. This may need to be repeated a few times to achieve the desired end result. However, this is a heavy chemical that produces a strong odor. So always wear a face mask and gloves when working with this!

Remove adhesive residue with a sander

A sander can remove very light adhesive residue, but this is not recommended. Sanding releases heat, allowing the adhesive residue to liquefy again and then be spread over the rest of the stairs. This also causes the sanding pads to wear out very quickly or become full of glue, making them quickly unusable.

Have stair coverings removed by ASAP

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