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Delivering your home in a broom-clean manner

Handing over your old home is a crucial step when leaving a home. A term that is often used in this process is 'broom clean delivery'. But what exactly does this mean and why is it so important? In this article we take a closer look at sweeping cleanliness and provide valuable insights and tips to help you complete this task successfully. You often have to leave your old home broom clean and that is why we would like to help you with this. ZSM House Clearance happy to help you.

What exactly does 'broom clean delivery' mean?

Leaving a house sweeping clean refers to the condition a home is in when it is left. It means that the home must be completely cleaned and free of personal belongings so that it is ready for the next occupants. All your belongings must therefore also be removed. You can take this with you, have it removed or store it in a storage room. The term 'broom clean' suggests that the home is as clean as if you were to sweep it with a broom. Sometimes it is also called sweeping clean delivery. This means that all areas must be thoroughly cleaned and that all furniture and loose items must be removed. So make sure you have enough cleaning supplies at home!

Delivering a home in a sweeping condition is of great importance, both when leaving a rental home and when selling a home. It ensures that new residents can move into the home in good condition and prevents possible disputes with the landlord or buyers. In most cases, this process goes without any problems. However, be careful because different conditions often apply to an owner-occupied home than to a commercial property or rental home.

Why must a rental property be delivered broom clean?

As a tenant, you have the responsibility to leave the rental property in the same condition as when you moved into it. This means that you are obliged to leave the house broom clean. Broom-clean delivery is a requirement in the rental contract and failure to comply with this can lead to financial consequences. It is important to understand that "broom clean" does not just mean sweeping the floor before you leave, but that the entire home should be thoroughly cleaned. The professional men of ZSM Woningontruiming are happy to clean the house for you. Completely spotless! 

Broom-cleaning a rental property has several advantages. First of all, it helps you avoid possible disputes with the landlord and ensures that you get a full refund of the deposit. Moreover, it contributes to a good relationship with the landlord, which can be important for future rental experiences. Delivering a rental property broom clean is therefore not only mandatory, but also beneficial for all parties involved. So don't forget to clean your house.

The importance of a broom-clean finish when selling a home

When selling a home, ensuring that the home is swept clean is also very important. As a seller, you are obliged to hand over the property to the buyers in good condition. This means that the home must be clean and tidy, so that the new residents can move in without any problems. The purchase contract often states how the home is to be delivered. It is therefore important to transfer the house neatly.

A broom-clean house has a positive influence on sales. It gives potential buyers a good impression of the home and increases the chance of a successful sale. Moreover, it can contribute to the smooth completion of the sale and prevent discussions or disagreements between the seller and the buyers. Our evacuators can help you empty and clean your home. Delivering a home for sale is also no problem for us.

How can you leave your home broom clean?

Getting a home swept clean can be a time-consuming task, especially if you have to do it yourself. To ensure that you can clean the home thoroughly and efficiently, here are some steps you can follow:

  1. Start by removing all personal belongings from the home. Make sure that all furniture, decorations and other loose items have been removed. Think of all the individual matters and don't forget anything. This can also take quite some time, so keep this in mind.
  2. Create a detailed cleaning plan based on the different rooms in the home. Start with the rooms and gradually work your way to the kitchen, bathroom and other common areas. This way you ensure that you leave the house tidy.
  3. Thoroughly clean all surfaces, including walls, floors, windows, doors and ceilings. Don't forget to clean the inside of cabinets, drawers and appliances as well. Do this with, for example, cleaning cloths and a sponge.
  4. Check for any damage and repair if necessary. Fill holes in the wall, repair any damage to carpeting or tiles, and make sure everything is returned to its original condition. This way, the transfer to the buyers will go smoothly.
  5. Remove dust and dirt from all surfaces and ensure that the home looks neat and tidy. Use cleaning products that are suitable for the different materials in the home.
  6. Don't forget to also clean and tidy outdoor areas, such as the garden, balcony or terrace. Remove any garden waste or items left behind.

Delivering a home sweepingly clean can take a lot of time and effort. However, if you have little time or are unable to do this yourself, you can always call in Home Clearance ASAP. We are a specialist company that can help you thoroughly clean the home and leave it broom clean, so that you can be sure that everything is in the best condition for the new residents. This way, all worries are taken care of and you spend less time. We like to help you.

Costs for broom-clean delivery in 2023

The costs in 2023 for delivering a home in a broom-clean state may vary, depending on various factors. Some factors that can affect the cost are the size of the home, its condition, and specific cleaning needs.

It is always wise to request a quote from ZSM Woningontruiming without obligation to receive a precise quote. At ZSM Woningontruiming you can request a free quote at any time.

Outsource it 

A rental or owner-occupied home must therefore often be left broom clean. Delivering a home sweepingly clean can be an intensive and time-consuming task. Fortunately, you don't have to do this yourself. You can have your home swept clean and outsource this to professionals such as an expert evacuation company as ZSM Home Clearance. Do you choose to have your house swept clean by professionals? Then of course this is just easy. Hiring a specialist company offers several advantages:


We specialize in delivering homes in their original condition and have the necessary knowledge and experience. We know exactly which steps need to be taken and which cleaning products are most suitable for each situation. This way you can move to your new home without stress.

Time saving

Outsourcing the broom cleaning service saves you a lot of time and effort. ZSM Woningontruiming takes full responsibility for the cleaning, so you can concentrate on other aspects of the move. Agreements will be made in advance so that everything is clear to everyone.

Deep cleaning

At ZSM Woningontruiming we will ensure that the house is cleaned down to the smallest detail. We have the right equipment and materials to reach and clean even the most difficult places.

Stress reduction

Moving can be stressful, and getting a home swept clean can add even more pressure. By outsourcing it to professionals, you can relieve some of that stress and focus on other important matters.

It is important to know that the costs for outsourcing the sweeping cleanliness of a home can vary. It depends on the size of the job and the specific requirements. However, hiring professionals like ZSM Home Clearance is a worthwhile investment considering the time and effort it saves you.


Delivering a home sweepingly clean is an important aspect when leaving a rental home or selling a home. It means that the home must be thoroughly cleaned and free of personal belongings, so that it can be handed over to the new residents in good condition.

If you choose to carry out the broom clean delivery yourself, follow a structured step-by-step plan and ensure that you clean all areas thoroughly. Remember to repair any damage and remove all personal belongings.

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Help Center

Below we answer some frequently asked questions about ensuring a home is swept clean:

What exactly does broom-clean delivery mean?

The definition of sweeping cleanliness is that the home must be completely clean and free of personal belongings. All areas must be thoroughly cleaned and all furniture and loose items must be removed. Cleaning the home is a job that should not be underestimated. It is best to leave your house broom clean to professionals such as the men from ZSM Woningontruiming. Keeping your house broom clean has never been easier! 

Do I have to remove all the furniture myself during the broom-clean delivery?

Yes, as a tenant or seller you are responsible for removing all furniture and personal belongings from the home. The home must be completely empty upon delivery. Delivering your home sweepingly clean is a task that must be carried out carefully.

Can I outsource a sweeping delivery if I have little time?

Of course! It is possible to outsource the broom-clean delivery to professionals such as ZSM Woningontruiming. Especially when you don't have enough time! We can take full responsibility for thoroughly cleaning the home, saving you time and energy.
For an urgent request, it is best to contact us by telephone so that we can get to work for you immediately.

Are there any costs associated with requesting a no-obligation quote?

At ZSM Woningontruiming you can request a no-obligation quote at any time. After the free application you are not committed to anything. 

What happens if I do not leave my home broom clean?

As a tenant, failure to deliver a home in a sweeping condition can lead to financial consequences, such as withholding the deposit by the landlord. When selling a home, it can lead to disputes with the buyers and possible legal action. Getting your house swept clean is not only considered decent, but is simply an important part of your move.