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House swept clean? This is how it works

When leaving an old home or moving into a new home, the term 'clean sweep' often comes into play. But what exactly does delivering the home in a sweeping condition entail? And how do you ensure that you meet this requirement without running out of time or overlooking important details? Let's dive deeper into the world of house clearance and discover how you can leave your home clean, whether you are leaving a rental property behind or transferring an owner-occupied home to new residents.

What does it mean to make a home broom clean?

Clean delivery means that you leave the home in a condition where it is clean, tidy and free of contents. This does not mean that every corner has to shine, but it does mean that the floors have been swept, personal items have been removed, and the rooms are in a neat, acceptable condition. This condition is often contractually recorded in the rental contract or the transfer deed when selling a home. This is basically the definition of swept clean.

How do the cleaners go about sweeping a house?

Our professional cleaners work systematically when sweeping a home. We ensure that all rooms are empty and clean, that floors are swept and grease-free, and that the property is delivered in a condition that is acceptable to the landlord or the new owners. This may also involve carrying out light repairs or giving certain surfaces extra cleaning to leave them grease-free and clean. If you need to deliver a home sweepingly clean, it is best to leave the delivery of the rental home to our professionals. They will empty your home and can even leave your home clean so that you no longer have to worry about it. 

Rent a moving lift to ensure a broom-clean home

When emptying a home on higher floors, renting a moving lift can significantly save time and effort. A moving lift makes it easier to get large pieces of furniture down safely, which speeds up and simplifies the process of delivering them broom-clean. In this way, the broom-clean delivery is also carried out faster.

Painting / DIY work and leave the house broom clean

Sometimes it takes more than just cleaning to leave a home broom clean. Small repairs, such as closing holes in walls or a lick of paint where necessary, contribute to returning the home to its original state or an acceptable state of maintenance.

Should you clean the house yourself or outsource it to a house clearance company?

Outsourcing the sweeping cleanliness of your home to a professional evacuation company can be a wise choice, especially if you are running into time pressure or have underestimated the size of the job. Our evacuators can take care of clearing and cleaning the home, removing the contents and even carrying out minor repairs. This ensures a worry-free transfer and also saves you a lot of time. Delivering your home has never been easier with ZSM Woningontruiming.

ZSM Woningontruiming is happy to help you

By taking these aspects into account and making the right preparations, you can ensure that the process of delivering your home sweepingly clean runs smoothly. Whether you do the work yourself or outsource it to our professionals, good planning and attention to detail will ensure that your old home is left in the right condition for the new residents or the landlord.

What does broom clean delivery cost?

For the exact costs in 2024 for delivering your rental home, it is best to request a free quote from us. This is completely free and can easily be done via our website.

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Help Center

What are the costs for a broom-clean delivery?

The costs for leaving a home broom-clean can vary, depending on the size of the home, the amount of contents that need to be removed, and whether additional work such as painting or handyman work is required. On average, you can count on several hundred euros for a standard house clearance.

How long does the broom-clean delivery take exactly?

The time it takes to deliver a home to a sweeping condition depends on the size of the home and its condition. For a home you can assume at least one day's work, but for larger properties or more pollution this can increase.

Can I outsource broom-clean delivery?

Yes, outsourcing this task to a specialized clearance company such as ZSM Woningontruiming is a popular choice. We take care of everything and ensure that the home is delivered in the desired condition, ready for the new residents or for the final inspection with the landlord.

What exactly is meant by 'clean delivery'? Does the home have to be clean and tidy?

Broom-clean delivery means that your home is left empty, tidy and cleaned, especially the floors are swept. It is not about a thorough cleaning, but about removing dirt and clutter so that the space looks neat and respectable.

Do I also have to close holes in the walls when the broom is finished? What is the definition of broom-clean delivery?

Yes, it is common to repair minor damage such as nail or screw holes in the walls. This is part of the normal preparation to leave a home in an acceptable condition.

Is it necessary to remove the carpet after your home has been swept clean?

This depends on the agreements in your rental contract or purchase agreement. Sometimes you will be expected to remove the carpeting, especially if it is a temporary facility. Check your contract or consult with your landlord or buyer.

Can I be fined if I do not leave my home empty and clean?

Yes, if your contract states that the property must be delivered broom clean and you do not comply with this, costs may be charged for the cleaning and repair work that still needs to be carried out.

How do I know what my landlord or buyer expects when it comes to a broom-clean delivery?

It is wise to get clarity about expectations in advance. Ask your landlord or buyer about specific requirements or check your rental or purchase contract, which often describes this in detail.

What do I do with leftover furniture or appliances?

In principle, all personal belongings must be removed from the home. If you want to leave furniture or appliances behind, discuss this in advance with the new residents or landlord to avoid misunderstandings.

How far in advance should I start broom cleaning?

This depends on the size of your home and the amount of stuff you have. Ideally, start sorting and removing items several weeks in advance to avoid stress and haste.

Can I ask for help to ensure that my old home is swept clean?

Certainly. We can help with emptying and cleaning your home. We can also carry out minor repairs if necessary.

What happens if I discover damage to the rental property during the broom cleaning?

Report any damage to your landlord or the new owners as soon as possible. Depending on the agreements in your contract, you may be responsible for repairing this damage.

Clean rental property / owner-occupied home. How do I do that?

Plan ahead and create a checklist of tasks that need to be completed before delivery. Allow extra time for unforeseen circumstances, and check the property thoroughly before handing over the keys.