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This is how you vacate a building

Clearing a building is a task that is sometimes necessary, but is often accompanied by complex emotions and situations. Whether it concerns a home or business premises, having a space cleared is a delicate matter. In this article we explore the essence of clearing a property, why it is important, how the process works and how we can carry it out efficiently and respectfully.

When and why to vacate a building?

Evacuating a building may be necessary for various reasons. In some cases, the tenant has not paid the rent to the owner of the property on time and the landlord must take action. A building can also be evicted in the event of bankruptcy, which means that the company's assets must be emptied. In other situations, an eviction can take place following a judgment by the subdistrict court. Timely evacuation is essential to prevent further legal problems.

The role of bailiff and landlord

The bailiff plays a crucial role during an eviction. They take care of the actual evacuation and taking over valuable assets. The landlord also has certain responsibilities and must ensure that the property is delivered broom clean.

Evacuation procedure and evacuation plan

An evacuation follows a structured procedure. From the moment the tenant does not leave voluntarily, steps are taken to initiate the eviction. A good evacuation plan is essential to ensure that the evacuation is carried out in an efficient and organized manner.

Efficient evacuation

Efficiency is of great importance when clearing a building. Especially one company eviction. Clearing the building quickly and professionally minimizes inconvenience and costs. We provide useful tips for a quick evacuation and show why professional evacuation is a must.

What happens during an evacuation?

During an evacuation, all items are removed from the building. Valuable possessions are taken over, usable items are donated to charities and the rest of the contents are professionally removed. Transparency and cooperation with thrift stores play an important role in this.

Storage options

Sometimes there is a need for temporary storage of the contents, for example when the tenant has not yet found a new place. We discuss the importance of secure and discreet storage, and explain how our storage services work.

Clean sweep

After the evacuation, the building must be left broom clean. In this case, our services consist of emptying the house and everything must be removed, because the house must be left bare and in its original state. The floor covering often also needs to be removed. As you can see, hiring a professional takes care of this evacuation company ensures that a lot of work is taken off your hands. 

Legal aspects of evacuating a building

Evacuating a property is subject to certain rights and obligations under the law. The landlord and tenant have a rental agreement that cannot simply be terminated. 

Evacuate with respect for the tenant

An eviction is a major event for the tenant. This is the same for homes and commercial properties. Good agreements must be made so that bystanders, landlord and tenant are left with a good feeling. 


Clearing a property is a complex process that must be carried out with care and professionalism. It is essential to act efficiently and treat everyone involved with respect. At ZSM we ensure this through cooperation, transparency and expertise House clearance to ensure that an evacuation runs smoothly and that the building is left broom clean.

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Help Center

What is property evacuation?

Clearing a building means clearing it out swept clean of a home or business premises after, for example, rent arrears, bankruptcy or eviction notice.

How quickly can you vacate a building?

We can act appropriately within a few minutes, depending on the work area. How long the evacuation takes obviously depends on the size and condition of the home.

What happens to valuable possessions during an eviction?

Valuable possessions are taken over and stored safely. Is it an eviction after death? Then the heirs will of course decide what to do with the assets.

Where do usable items go during an evacuation?

Usable items are donated to charities through collaboration with thrift stores.

What is the importance of a broom-clean delivery?

A broom-clean delivery ensures that the property is left in good condition, ready for the next tenant or destination.