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What does a evacuator earn?

When people think of clearing a home, the image of professional clearers immediately comes to mind. But what do we actually know about the salaries of these professionals? How are their wages calculated and what factors play a role in determining their income? In this article, we'll delve deeper into the world of eviction contractors and look at how much they earn, what variables influence their salaries, and what you can expect when working in this industry.

What does a evacuator entail?

A clearing agent and in some cases even a mover or foreman is a professional who specializes in clearing homes, business premises, and other buildings. These professionals play an essential role in emptying and cleaning various spaces, clearing out the contents and preparing the location for the next step, such as a move, sale or delivery. They often work for evacuation companies and can also be involved in emergency evacuations after emergencies.

Different aspects of a clearing agent's salary

A clearing agent's salary can vary based on several factors. So how much does a evictor earn now? Here are some important aspects that affect a clearing agent's income:

1. Type of evacuation 

The type of eviction plays a role in determining the costs and therefore also the salary of an eviction agent. For example, clearing a small home will be rewarded differently than clearing a large business premises. The question 'What does one cost? house clearance?' therefore cannot be answered directly.

2. Extent of the contents 

The more furniture that needs to be cleared, the more work there is for the clearer. Because of this, the salary can also vary depending on the amount of items that need to be moved and disposed of. When you search for “house clearance costs” on the internet, you will not find many results. The costs of an evacuation must be properly calculated and this will be drawn up for you in a free quote at ZSM Woningontruiming. Your clearance will be examined and you will be shown the exact house clearance costs. View our website now and request a no-obligation quote immediately.

3. Emergency evacuation

At one company evictionemergency evacuations, such as after fire or water damage, can put extra pressure on the evacuator. In such cases, the salary may be higher due to the urgency, service and the extra effort expected from the evacuator.

4. Cleaning work 

Sometimes evacuators also have to thoroughly clean the home or building. If this task is part of their job duties, it may affect their salary. 

Salary structure and calculation

The salary structure of eviction workers can differ per company. Some clearance companies charge fixed salaries, while others work with hourly rates or project prices. In general, the average annual salary of a clearing agent is between €20,000 and €40,000, but this can vary based on experience, qualifications and area of work. For example, can a evacuator drive the truck? Then he will also earn a little more.

Hourly rate 2023

The hourly rate of a clearing agent in July 2023 can be between €12.50 and €25, depending on various factors, such as experience and location.

Project prices

For project prices, quotations are often made based on the customer's specific situation. The evictor then calculates the total costs for the eviction and proposes a fixed price for the project. The costs of house clearance always relate to the condition of the house. 

Salary scales and experience

As in other professions, experience can play an important role in determining salary. Entry-level clearers will often be at the lower end of the salary spectrum, while experienced professionals can expect higher salaries.

Other aspects of working as a clearing agent

In addition to the salary, there are other aspects that can influence the work of a clearing agent.

1. Employment conditions

Each evacuation company can offer different employment conditions. Some companies offer additional benefits, such as a travel allowance, a pension plan, or a bonus structure.

2. Working days and times

Evacuators may have to deal with varying working days and times, especially during emergency evacuations. Flexibility can therefore be a requirement in this industry.

3. Versatility of work

The work of a clearing agent can be very diverse. They may have to deal with different situations, locations and customers, which makes the work interesting and challenging.

How can you become a evacuator?

If you are interested in becoming a demolition worker, there are some steps you can take to get into this industry.

Education and experience

No specific training is required to become a clearing agent, but experience in the moving or cleaning industry can be a plus. Some evacuation companies offer internal training to train new employees.

Applying for clearance companies

You can find vacancies for evacuators via online platforms and job websites. Apply to different clearance companies and compare employment conditions and salaries.

Apply to ZSM Woningontruiming via our contact page.


Working as a clearing agent can be an exciting and diverse career choice. Salaries vary based on several factors, including the type of clearance, the size of the contents and the experience of the professional. It is a profession that requires flexibility and professionalism, but at the same time offers the satisfaction of helping people in a variety of situations. If you are considering becoming a clearing agent, it is wise to compare different clearing companies, request quotes and inquire about employment conditions to make the best choice for your career in the world of clearing.

Help Center

What are the average salaries for evacuators?

The average annual salary of a clearing agent is between €20,000 and €40,000.

Are eviction costs borne by the employee?

No, as a clearing agent you work for a clearing company, and the costs for clearing are borne by the company.

Is experience rewarded with higher salaries?

Yes, experienced evacuators can often count on higher salaries than beginners in the profession.

How long does it take for a house clearance to be completed? 

The duration of a home evacuation can vary based on the size of the contents and the type of evacuation. In most cases it takes several days to a week.

Is it possible to start your own clearance company as a clearing agent?

Yes, it is possible to start your own house clearance company after gaining sufficient experience and obtaining the necessary permits.