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When is a property polluted?

That is a question that many people ask themselves when they see a home full of belongings, odors or signs of vermin. A contaminated home can take different forms and the causes are often complex and diverse. When a house is extremely polluted, this naturally requires a clear action plan and special work. ASAP House clearance can help you with this.

What exactly is a polluted house?

A common cause of home pollution is hoarding, also known as hoarding. This is a psychological condition in which people have difficulty throwing away things, resulting in a home that is full of things. In severe cases, this can lead to problematic living conditions and even health risks. When we are called to vacate a home, we will: evacuation company therefore always first look at the condition of the home.

Report a contaminated home

If you are dealing with a contaminated home, you can report this to the GGD reporting point in your municipality. This is usually called the home pollution hotline. They can advise you on the steps to take and put you in touch with the right authorities. It is important to know that you are not alone and that help is available.

The GGD always thinks about the people who live there

The GGD does everything it can to prevent the resident from having to leave the home. They will have the contaminated home cleared, so that the home will become habitable again for the tenant as quickly as possible and the landlord can have the home delivered clean if this proves to be necessary. Clearing and cleaning can always be left to the professional evacuators of ZSM Woningontruiming with peace of mind. 

Clutter or neglect?

A polluted home can take different forms. Sometimes it may be the case that the house is full of things because someone suffers from the urge to collect. However, this can take such serious forms that the home quickly becomes contaminated and the home has to be completely emptied. For example, there may be vermin, such as rats or other vermin, that can pose a health hazard. There may also be odor nuisance, which indicates a problem with hygiene. In this case, in addition to evacuation, the health and safety of residents and local residents must also be considered and specialist knowledge must be deployed.

ZSM Woningontruiming quickly cleared everything away

ZSM Woningontruiming will work with the parties involved to look at the different types of pollution, repair work and of course public health will always be taken into account. In this case, our professional team will draw up a clean-up plan together with the organizations and, together with involved local residents and the housing association, we will look at what is best for the neighborhood.

Crime scene

In some cases, a contaminated home can also be a crime scene. This may be the result of a crime in which the home is left in a contaminated state. In such cases, it is important to seek professional help for cleaning.

A seriously polluted home

Another example of a contaminated home is a home where a body has been found. In such cases, it is important to thoroughly clean the home to prevent health risks. A specialized company such as ZWM Housing Clearance can help you with this. We can actually help you with any situation and will often also deal with the cleaning of the home.

Clearing a drug lab

Homes where a cannabis plantation or drug lab has been found must also be thoroughly cleaned. These homes may be contaminated with chemicals that can be hazardous to health. A professional company such as ZSM Housing Clearance can make the home livable again.

What are the costs for cleaning a contaminated home?

The price of cleaning a contaminated home in 2023 depends on the degree of pollution and the size of the home. For an accurate price indication, you can always request a no-obligation quote from ZSM Woningontruiming. You are not committed to anything after requesting your free quote.

ZSM Woningontruiming is happy to help you

It is important to know that cleaning a contaminated home must be done discreetly and professionally. ZSM home clearance has experience with such situations and can make the home livable again without violating the privacy of residents. Do you have a home to vacate? Please feel free to contact us so that we can start clearing the house as quickly as possible. You can of course always call us if you have any questions or need more information about the costs.

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