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When is a property polluted?

A clean and healthy living environment is essential for the well-being of everyone. Unfortunately, there are situations in which a home becomes so seriously contaminated that it poses a threat to the health and safety of the residents and the environment. In this article, we will discuss when a space is considered contaminated, how to report a contaminated home or property, and the steps to address a contaminated home.

What is considered a contaminated home

A home is considered polluted when it is seriously affected by pollution, such as excessive accumulation of items, extreme odor nuisance, presence of vermin, or other forms of pollution. This is not just about a house or building that is full of things. It is literally a polluted house. When a house is extremely polluted, this can result in an unsafe and unhealthy living environment for the residents. A dirty home often also points to underlying psychological problems, such as hoarding.

Signs of a contaminated home

It is important to recognize the signs of a contaminated home. This way, an evacuation can be quickly scheduled. Ultimately, this is also nice for the people who live there. Some common signs are:

  1. Overcrowded rooms and hallways, where things pile up and freedom of movement is limited.
  2. Persistent odor nuisance that does not disappear, even after cleaning attempts.
  3. Visible presence of insects, mice or rats.
  4. Mold or damp spots on walls or ceilings.
  5. Piles of garbage or waste that are not thrown away.

The role of the GGD in reports of home pollution

If there is a suspicion of a contaminated home, the Municipal Health Service (GGD) can play an important role. The GGD has expertise in the field of health and safety and can assess the seriousness of the situation. They can provide advice on possible steps that need to be taken to make the home clean and livable again. The GGD does this very well. 

How to report a contaminated home

If you want to report a contaminated home, you can contact the home pollution reporting center in your municipality. The reporting point is often a central point where you can report a contaminated home. This can usually be done by telephone, e-mail or online via the website. It is important to be as detailed as possible when describing the situation, including the specific problems and severity of the contamination. Do you notice that a resident lives in the neighborhood who is unhygienic or do you notice that a resident is confronted with neglect after, for example, a death? Please contact the reporting point.

The importance of reporting a contaminated home

Reporting a contaminated home is of great importance, both for the health and safety of the residents and for the environment. Unfortunately, you cannot prevent the home from being neglected, but you can help by paying attention. This can be done by keeping an eye on the neighborhood together with involved local residents. By reporting a contaminated home, action can be taken to address the situation and support residents.

In addition, reporting a contaminated home can help reveal other problems, such as neglect or psychological problems. It is a way to inform relevant authorities and organizations so that they can intervene and take appropriate measures. An eviction for the resident is often accompanied by public mental health care.

Tackling a contaminated home

Tackling a contaminated home often requires a coordinated effort from various organizations involved. In addition to evacuating the home, it is essential to address the underlying causes and support residents in changing their behavior. This may mean that agreements are made with the residents about keeping the home clean and preventing new pollution. There is a good chance that someone will repeat themselves and this must of course be prevented. 

Collaboration with involved organizations

Collaboration between different organizations is crucial when tackling a contaminated home. This may include the GGD, social work, the police and specialized cleaning teams. By working together, these organizations can draw up a clean-up plan and provide the necessary help and support to residents. It is important that all parties involved work closely together and use their expertise to handle the situation in a safe and effective manner.

Prevention of home pollution

It is very important to prevent home pollution as much as possible. This can be achieved, among other things, by creating awareness and providing information about the dangers and risks of home pollution. It is also important that landlords and municipalities take their responsibility and carry out regular checks to prevent homes from becoming extremely polluted. In addition, it is important to provide help and support to people who struggle with the urge to collect or other underlying problems that can lead to home pollution.

Advice and support with cleaning a contaminated home

Cleaning a contaminated home is a challenging task that requires professional help and guidance. It is important to hire a professional team that has experience in cleaning contaminated homes. ZSM House Clearance is a specialized evacuation company that can help you with this. We have the special resources and techniques to remove the contamination in a safe and effective manner. We can also relieve residents of their worries and assist them in tidying up and cleaning the home. Cleaning the home is an easy job for ZSM Woningontruiming. 

The role of the municipality and landlords

Municipalities and landlords have an important role in preventing and tackling residential pollution. For example, they can draw up rules and agreements regarding keeping homes clean and preventing extreme pollution. In addition, they can act if there are signs of home pollution and, if necessary, take measures, such as starting an evacuation procedure.


A contaminated home poses a serious problem that can endanger both the health and safety of the residents and the quality of life in the environment. It is important to report a contaminated home in a timely manner to the home pollution reporting center in your municipality. By collaborating with the organizations involved and calling in professional help, the contaminated home can be tackled and the residents can be supported in creating a clean and healthy living environment.

A polluted house is a major problem that you usually cannot solve yourself. That is why it is better to call in professionals such as ZSM Woningontruiming as soon as possible. It is even dangerous if you start the evacuation without protective clothing. Consider, for example, cockroaches, drug needles and human feces that have to be handled.

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Help Center

When is a home officially polluted?

 A home is considered officially polluted when there is serious pollution that poses a threat to the health and safety of the residents and the environment.

How can I report a contaminated home?

You can report a contaminated home to the reporting point for home pollution in your municipality. Contact them and describe the situation in as much detail as possible.

What happens after I report a contaminated home?

After reporting a contaminated home, the reporting center will take action. They will assess the seriousness of the situation and, if necessary, call in other involved organizations to tackle the home.

Can a contaminated home be cleaned?

Yes, a contaminated home can be cleaned. This often requires professional help and guidance to remove the contamination in a safe and effective manner.

What is the role of the municipality in residential pollution?

The municipality has an important role in preventing and tackling residential pollution. They can draw up rules and agreements and, if necessary, take measures to address the situation, such as starting an eviction procedure.

How can home pollution be prevented?

Home pollution can be prevented by creating awareness, providing information and taking timely action when signals of possible pollution occur. Regular inspections and cooperation between municipalities, landlords and residents can help prevent serious pollution.

What are the health consequences of home pollution?

Home pollution can have serious consequences for the health of residents. It can lead to breathing problems, allergies, infections and other health problems. That is why it is important to tackle contaminated homes in a timely manner.

Can I clean a dirty home myself?

In most cases it is not advisable to clean a contaminated home yourself. It often requires specialized knowledge, experience, special cleaning agents and protective clothing to safely remove the contamination. Hiring a professional team is therefore recommended.

What happens if a contaminated home is not addressed?

If a contaminated home is not addressed, health and safety risks can increase. In addition, the pollution can spread to adjacent homes and cause nuisance in the neighborhood. It is therefore essential to take timely action.

Is reporting a contaminated home optional?

No, reporting a contaminated home is not optional. It is important to take suspicions of home pollution seriously and report them to the correct reporting point. This way, the right authorities can intervene and take the necessary measures to address the situation.