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A worry-free company clearance

2023 will be ASAP House clearance ready for you for any company clearance, whether it concerns an office building, warehouse or other business space. As experienced evacuators, we understand that clearing a commercial property can be a challenging task. That is why we offer a full package of services to relieve you of your worries. Our team of professionals guarantees a quick and efficient evacuation, with your property being delivered sweeping clean, fully in accordance with current regulations.

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Total solution for a company evacuation

At ZSM Woningontruiming we offer a total package of services to professionally clear your company. Our services include:

  • The careful removal, relocation and recycling of household effects.
  • Removal of carpeting, stair coverings, nails, screws and plugs.
  • Sealing holes in walls and ceilings.
  • Safe removal of lamps and electronic equipment.
  • Professional cleaning work.
  • Temporary storage space for your belongings.

Why a professional evacuation company?

Every company evacuation is unique and requires a specific approach. At ZSM Woningontruiming we understand this and offer a tailor-made service. Our team is trained to work discreetly and respectfully, regardless of the reason for the evacuation. Whether it concerns a move, bankruptcy or renovation, we ensure that your property is left quickly and in its original condition.

Environmentally friendly and cost-effective clearance

We take our responsibility for the environment seriously. During the evacuation of your business premises, we ensure environmentally friendly waste disposal and recycle where possible. This is not only good for the environment, but also helps you save on the costs of a company clearance.

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The importance of a professional company evacuation

A professional approach ensures that the evacuation takes place quickly and according to the correct guidelines, which saves time and costs. In addition, a professional approach can also ensure a more efficient evacuation, limiting any disruption to business operations to a minimum. In addition, professional evacuators can often also ensure the removal and processing of the released materials in an environmentally friendly manner, which contributes to a sustainable approach. Finally, a professional approach can also ensure a safe working environment during the evacuation, which reduces the risk of accidents and thus prevents costs and delays. In short, a professional approach to an evacuation can ensure a fast, efficient, safe and sustainable handling, which ultimately saves time and costs. 

Reasons for company eviction

  • Moving to a new location
    Companies sometimes move to a new location, which requires company clearance to ensure the old building is swept clean.
  • Bankruptcy or closure of a company
    In the event of bankruptcy, companies often have to quickly empty their premises and buy up or remove contents.
  • Renovation or redesign of a building
    For renovation it is essential to completely clear the business premises.
  • Death of an owner or employee
    In rare cases, the death of an important person within the company can lead to eviction.

Valuables, debris and bulky waste

Don't forget about the rubble after you have had your business cleared. Clearing debris is an essential part of the evacuation process. Once your business premises have been cleared, it is important to remove any remaining debris and waste. This can range from furniture and appliances to building materials and other junk.

Waste disposal:

Make sure you dispose of this debris responsibly, for example by having it recycled or taken to a landfill. Clearing debris will ensure that your home becomes livable again and ready for a possible sale or new tenants. 

Benefits of professional company clearance

Time and cost efficiency

A professional evacuation company works quickly and efficiently. They have experience in clearing different types of properties, such as homes, offices, warehouses and shops. The evacuation company's team is well trained and coordinated, so that they can work quickly and efficiently. They know how to move items safely and can also take care of the disposal of waste and excess materials. A professional evacuation company can also provide temporary storage of items if necessary. In short, a professional evacuation company takes care of everything and ensures a quick and efficient evacuation of the building. 

Safe disposal of hazardous materials

Professionals know how to handle hazardous materials safely. They often have specific training and certifications to learn how to handle, move, store and dispose of hazardous materials safely. They know the laws and regulations surrounding handling hazardous materials, and understand how to use personal protective equipment to protect themselves and others. Professionals who work with hazardous materials are also aware of the risks and potential hazards these materials pose, and know how to respond in the event of an emergency. In short, they are well prepared to handle hazardous materials safely and responsibly. 

Environmentally friendly waste processing

Professional companies ensure environmentally friendly waste processing. This means that they sort, recycle, compost, or otherwise process waste in a responsible manner to minimize its impact on the environment. They adhere to strict rules and regulations regarding waste disposal and ensure that they comply with all environmental laws and standards. They often invest in environmentally friendly technologies and processes to process waste in a sustainable way. This contributes to a cleaner and healthier planet for everyone. 

Possibility to quickly put the building back into use

A quick and thorough evacuation makes the property quickly available to the landlord again. In addition, it minimizes costs for the landlord and ensures that the new tenant can move in quickly. A professional house clearance service can ensure that the property is cleared in an efficient and careful manner, removing any belongings left behind and leaving the property in good condition. This saves the landlord a lot of time and effort, and ensures a smooth transition to the new tenant. 

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