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House Clearance Procedure

How does a house clearance actually work?

House clearance involves more than just clearing the house. We would be happy to explain in detail how a house clearance with ZSM House Clearance works.

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A worry-free eviction starts with clear communication

After you have requested a no-obligation quotation, one of our staff will visit you to thoroughly assess the situation and work. This will take into account the situation, your personal wishes, preferences and the requirements of the landlord or estate agent. All work and agreements are recorded in detail to avoid misunderstandings. After the preliminary visit, you will receive a non-binding offer by e-mail so that you can review it at your leisure and decide whether you wish to make use of it.

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Termination of rental agreement / Appointment of real estate agent

Rental property:

You / next of kin / executor of the will terminate the tenancy. Subsequently, the landlord will make a schedule a pre-inspection To check the property. The requirements to be met by the property are noted and made known in order to be delivered. The costs of the work to be carried out will be charged by the landlord / housing association provided it has not been carried out on the day of delivery. ZSM House Clearance can take care of both the pre- and final inspection with the landlord on your behalf.

Buying house:

Before we start the vacating a condominium it is sometimes advisable to first appoint a real estate agent who will sell the property. Each estate agent advertises a property in its own way. Some like to still leave some furnishings for the photos to give the home a bit more life, and the other has the property rather completely empty. Of course, you can also choose to clear the property first before talking to an estate agent.

Handing over keys to ZSM

On the day of eviction open the door for our team and hand over the keys to the executor. The executor will once again walk around the house with you to check all the work to make sure everything is properly and clearly noted. Any comments can thus be made known at the last minute. Of course, you can also send us the give keys in advance so that on the day of the eviction you do not have to come to the property to open the door.

Completion of the property

Once the property is almost empty and swept clean is our contractor will call you well in advance To indicate at what time you can drop by to deliver the house. The executor will walk through the entire house with you to work together all activities performed go through and check. Only when you completely satisfied are with the end result sign the final delivery and get the keys back in receipt. In the case of a rental property, you can also choose for us to deliver the property to the landlord / housing association on your behalf. This way, you 100% be sure that the property will be delivered without any problems and additional costs.

What happens to the contents from the clearance?

Packing and sorting:

All belongings and contents will be sorted, packed and prepared. During sorting, we check whether the items and contents are donation-worthy, recyclable or residual waste are. This allows the trolleys to be loaded efficiently to keep the items as fast and durable possible to their new destination.

Donating to charities:

We work closely with various charities to be able to donate as many belongings and contents as possible. By donating these items and contents to various charities and aid organisations we do our bit for society and prevent the unnecessary destruction of these items and the emissions released in the process


All items and household effects that are not donation-worthy but are recyclable, are sorted by material and raw material. These include paper, metal, glass, green waste, wood, plastic, rubble and stone. These materials and raw materials are brought by us directly to the recycling station.

Waste disposal:

What remains of various materials and items that are not recyclable or donable are disposed of to the waste treatment station. Through this whole process, we ensure that as little ends up in waste disposal as possible. This saves both in waste costs and co2 emissions.

Buying up household effects / Valuables

You may still have valuable contents in the house such as white goods, high-end furniture or antiques. During the quotation, we will consider which items are still of value and how much they are worth. We will then make an offer for the items and deduct this offer from the final invoice provided these items are still there during the clearance. Therefore, if you have a lot of valuable items in your home for takeover, it is possible that the items may cost the house clearance covers.

Lost items

Any valuable and precious items that you or the family have overlooked will be kept apart by us and preserved for you. It sometimes happens that we come across a wedding ring or old photos that still have emotional value. These are often things that have been lost for a long time but are still hidden under something. Upon completion of the property, the found items are handed over to you.

Removal of floors and stair covering

After all belongings and contents have been removed from the house, we will start the removal of floors and stair covering. In the case of an owner-occupied property, the upholstery may be left in most cases and goes with the sale. However, in the case of a rental property, the flooring should always be removed unless it is taken over by the new tenant. ZSM House Clearance is a specialist in the removal of all types of flooring and stair covering. We have the right machinery and expertise to return any floor or staircase to bare rock.

Removal of nails, screws and plugs

All nails, screws and plugs are carefully removed, the holes are then neatly filled. It may happen that the landlord prefers to fill the holes himself. In an owner-occupied house, it is often recommended to leave them in place.

Removal of lamps and electrics

Lamps and self-placed electrics are removed in the case of rented accommodation. Crown plugs are then fitted to all electricity points and, if necessary, a cover plate placed on the light points where these are missing. In the case of a owner-occupied house, it is recommended to remove only the pendant lights as they often hang in the way because there was normally a table or the like under them. We replace the hanging lamps with removal fittings so that there is still enough light in the house for any viewings.

Garden work

The garden is completely emptied and if necessary also cleaned up. Think of weeds, green deposits or overgrown trees. We ensure that weeds, moss and green deposits are removed and trees and plants are pruned. The garden should look neat and maintained before handing over to the landlord. For a house for sale, a neat and maintained garden is conducive to selling.

Demolition work

Self-installed structures, sheds or, for example, stone strips are removed if the landlord / housing association requires it. ZSM House Clearance is VCA Certified and specialises in the demolition and dismantling of various structures and objects. Demolition work are always carried out by us with care to ensure that after our work, as little as possible needs to be repaired or prepared for follow-up work.

Always swept clean

As soon as we have finished all the work, the rooms are swept clean both inside and outside. In the case of an owner-occupied house with carpets, we will of course vacuum the area. Either way, the room is always left tidy. If necessary, we can also clean the house thoroughly.


Sometimes just swept clean not enough. Full cleaning and polishing of the property is necessary for both the sale and delivery of a rental property. Landlords and housing associations require the property to be handed over completely cleaned. For sales, a clean and fresh property promotes sales. Who wouldn't rather step into a clean property?

Guaranteed professional clearance and delivery

With ZSM House Clearance, you are guaranteed a professional and smooth clearance. All work carried out by ZSM House Clearance is covered by a delivery guarantee. So you can be sure that the house will be handed over to the landlord neatly and without additional costs.

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ZSM House Clearance takes care of everything concerning the preparation of the property for delivery to the landlord or for sale. This is done in a professional, sustainable and discreet manner.

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