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Clearing a house both for sale and to hand over to the landlord is a time-consuming and intensive job. At a house for sale often only the contents need to be removed and the upholstery can stay. In the case of a rental property it is a different story. The housing association or landlord often has strict requirements and the house or space must be handed over bare and broom clean.

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House clearance: by yourself or by professionals

So a house clearance means that not only the contents but also upholstery, lamps, nails/screws and so on need to be removed. Before you start clearing a house, it is useful to make a plan and get all the necessary materials, such as moving boxes, rubbish bags, cleaning products and tools. It is also wise to make a clear schedule and enlist the help of friends, family or professionals if necessary.

The clearance of a property

When emptying a house, it is important to be systematic. Start by sorting things. Distinguish between what can be thrown away, what should be kept, what can be sold and what can be taken to the recycling or environmental station.

Hire professional evacuees

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What happens to the contents from the clearance?

House clearance and peripheral issues

Don't forget to disconnect or transfer utilities, such as water, gas, electricity, and internet and TV, in time. It is also important to pass on address changes to agencies and arrange terminations, such as with the municipality, tax authorities, insurance and subscriptions.

A lot has to happen within a few days

Clearing a house can be an emotional and tough job, especially when it comes to clearing a house after a death or divorce. Take your time and ask for emotional support if necessary. Finally, make sure the house or room is cleaned properly after clearing, so that it can be handed over to the landlord or new owner in good condition. It is also wise to take photos of the delivered state of the property, for any future discussions.

Valuables, debris and bulky waste

Don't forget about debris after you have had your property cleared, either. Clearing debris is an essential part of the clearance process. Once your property has been cleared, it is important to remove any remaining debris and rubbish. This can range from furniture and appliances to building materials and other rubbish.

Waste disposal:

Make sure you get this debris disposed of responsibly, such as by having it recycled or taken to a landfill. Clearance of debris will ensure that your property becomes livable again and ready for a possible sale or new occupants. 

Most common house clearance services

A home or property usually needs to be vacated due to less pleasant circumstances. We explain the most common situations to you.

House clearance after death

Death is a profound event. Clearing a property after the death of a loved one is a sensitive matter. Therefore, it is important to choose a service with years of experience in these delicate situations. Understandably, clearing a house after a death can be emotionally and physically challenging. It is a process that needs time and careful attention, which is why it is advisable to hire a professional service that has experience in this.

Emptying a house after death

An experienced eviction service will not only take care of the physical evacuation of the home, but also consider the emotional impact on the bereaved. They will show understanding and respect for the situation and handle the deceased's belongings and memories in a respectful manner.

Dirty house clearance

Why wade through a chaos of stuff when a fresh start is also possible? Clearing a contaminated house can be a huge job, but with the right help, it will be handled smoothly. Clearing a soiled home can be difficult for several reasons. First of all, having to wade through a chaos of belongings can be emotionally demanding, especially if it involves personal belongings of a loved one. In addition, having to organise and dispose of everything yourself can be physically and mentally exhausting. Moreover, it can be difficult to know where to start and how to do it efficiently.

Having your home cleared by ZSM House Clearance

By enlisting help for house clearance, you can make a fresh start without the burden of the old stuff. This can provide a sense of relief and space, both physically and mentally. Moreover, it can help you process grief and let go of the past.

You can come to us

With the right help, clearing a contaminated house can go smoothly and efficiently. Professional clearance companies have experience and expertise in dealing with this type of situation, so you don't have to worry about logistics and organising the process. This allows you to focus on processing your emotions and preparing for a fresh start in a clean and tidy environment. 

Bankruptcy company

Your business premises may also need to be vacated in the event of bankruptcy. This may happen if the bankrupt company's trustee decides to sell or vacate the premises to pay creditors. In that case, the inventory and goods present will be auctioned or sold, and the premises will be left empty. It is important to be aware of the rules and procedures surrounding the clearance of business premises in case of bankruptcy, so that you, as owner or tenant of the premises, can deal with this in the right way. The clearance of homes and business premises is one of our specialities.

We deliver the property quickly

In addition, they will also take into account any special wishes or sensitive items and ensure their careful handling. It is important that the bereaved feel supported during this process and that they can say goodbye to their loved one's home in a respectful manner. Choosing a service with experience in this type of situation can help ensure that the process of clearing a home after a death is conducted in a respectful and professional manner. 

Always swept clean

What does it mean to have a house to be swept clean? It means the home is ready for a new start. As it were, you are opening a new chapter in your life.

A home swept clean implies that the property has been completely empty and thoroughly cleaned. This means that all personal belongings have been removed, all rooms have been cleaned and any damage has been repaired. The property should be ready for the new occupants, without any further cleaning or tidying up. It is a way of leaving the property respectfully and giving the new residents a fresh start. 

An emergency clearance

Do you need an urgent eviction? For emergency evictions, we are at your service within 24 hours. Sorry, I am an AI model and cannot provide physical assistance. I advise you to immediately contact a professional eviction service for help. If you need an emergency eviction, you can call us directly at [phone number] and we will be ready to help you within 24 hours. We understand that emergency evictions are sometimes necessary and we will do our utmost to serve you as soon as possible. 

Removal of household effects and bulky waste

You probably don't want to put the old stuff on the street. We take care of the removal of your household effects and any bulky waste. We offer a removal service for your household effects and any bulky waste. No need to worry about putting your old stuff on the street, we will take everything away for you. Contact us for more information on our household removal service. 

Floor removal

Are the floors in need of replacement? We can take care of that too. We can provide professional advice and use high-quality materials to replace the floors. Our team of experienced professionals will ensure that the floors are replaced in a professional and efficient manner. Feel free to contact us for more information. 

Why choose ZSM House Clearance?

When making a cake, you would probably rather choose a chef's recipe than that of a random person on the internet. The same goes for house clearances. With our years of experience we are a reliable partner for the clearance of your home or business premises.

Total package of services:

With our wide range of services and years of experience in house clearance, we can relieve you of all your worries. ZSM House Clearance takes care of all the work involved in handing over a property to the landlord or estate agent to your complete satisfaction. We offer services such as:

  • Removal, relocation and recycling of household effects
  • The removal of all types of floor covering and stair covering
  • Removing nails, screws and plugs
  • Filling holes in the walls and ceiling
  • Removing lamps and various electronic equipment
  • Fitting crown boxes and cover plates to all electrical points.
  • The cleaning up the garden and/or balcony.
  • Taking care of the pre- and/or final inspection with the landlord or estate agent
  • Moving various household effects or objects
  • Cleaning

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Now that you are aware of all the aspects surrounding house clearance, why should you even get started yourself? Opt for convenience and professionalism. Request a no-obligation quote now and let us help you close this chapter and start a new one. That way, we are always there for you. 

Do you have any questions or would you like to know more about our house clearance service or do you have any questions about renting a moving lift, for example? Then do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to answer all your questions.

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