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Levelling the floor

Have the floor leveled by a professional

A level the floor can be used in many different situations necessary are. The most common reason is the floor damage or imperfections and therefore does not run smoothly over the entire surface. However, for certain floor coverings it is necessary that the floor is completely level before it can be laid. Leveling the floor offers a solution without having to replace the entire floor. ZSM House Clearance has the right expertise on every floor again delivered quickly and beautifully evenly. For more information about the costs, for example, click on the button below.

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Leveling is often necessary

There can be several reasons for needing to level a floor. For example for the laying PVC slab or for a damaged floor to recover for it delivering a home to the landlord. It also often happens that the floor first needs to be leveled before it can be used slots in the floor can be milled for it installing underfloor heating. A damaged floor ensures that a milling machine cannot mill smoothly and evenly in the floor, which can lead to damage to the machine and/or slots that are not deep enough. After milling, the floor must be leveled again to close gaps and to be able to deliver the floor level again for a finished floor. Leveling can also often be necessary after removing a tiled or tiled floor. Because these types of floors are, as it were, cemented to the substrate, it can be damaged when removing the floor. Large pieces can come loose or adhesive residue can become stuck again. In both cases you will have large height differences in the floor, which can lead to problems.

NB! Never mop a leveled floor! Try to use as little water as possible on a freshly leveled floor. Water can damage the top layer of the leveling compound, which causes it to adhere less well to the finishing floor.

Floor leveling costs

A level the floor costs average between €15 and €30 per square meter. Our m2 prices always include materials and labor. The actual condition of the floor that needs to be leveled naturally determines what the square meter price will ultimately be. The m2 price is based on several factors:

  • The total area (m2)
  • The condition of the floor
  • What material the floor is made of
  • The amount of leveling compound/levelling required (thickness of the layer)
  • If necessary, patch holes or damage that are too deep
  • Extra costs for leveling wooden floor

Advantages of leveling the floor

A level the floor has many advantages. The biggest advantage is that a floor does not have to be completely cut out before a new floor can be poured. This would obviously cost a lot of time and money, which would not make anyone happy. Equalization is therefore really one lifesaver. Leveling a floor is affordable and can often be arranged in one day. All the benefits of equalization:

  • Fast and affordable
  • Extends the lifespan of your floor
  • Prevents moisture problems
  • Ideal bonding surface
  • Minimum height difference

Do I need to level a PVC floor?

Before laying glued PVC, the floor almost always needs to be leveled. Adhesive PVC is a type of vinyl that consists of tiles or strips that are glued to the surface. The surface must therefore be smooth so that the PVC floor adheres well and does not simply come loose. Plaque PVC can therefore be optimally used in combination with underfloor heating because these layers are directly connected to each other and thus have optimal effect.

What is the drying time of leveling compound?

The drying time of leveling compound depends on what type of leveling compound is used, the floor on which it is poured, the thickness of the leveling compound, ventilation and temperature. The floor is ready to walk on after about 4 to 5 hours. Before the finished floor can be installed, however, you must wait at least 12 to 48 hours so that the floor has completely hardened. A good drying time is very important for optimal adhesion to the subfloor.

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