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PU cast floor removal Rotterdam

Today we removed a PU cast floor in Rotterdam Nesselande. The floor had to be removed because water had ended up under the floor due to a leak, which caused air bubbles to form in the floor. In order to allow the concrete to dry properly after the leak had been repaired, it was necessary to remove the entire floor. A tough job that required a lot of caution as it was a new-build villa that had just been completed. See the before and after photos here.

Excellent service by ASAP! Unfortunately, due to the leak, our cast floor had to be removed... Found it on the internet ASAP, they responded to the request the same day! Anthony immediately came to inspect the floors, gave good advice and was super friendly! A quote was sent the same day and the boys came to carry out the assignment within a day! on time! Worked very neatly, everything was neatly cleaned and above all, super friendly! great guys! Top job done! This company is highly recommended!

Natasha Lyubymuska, 5 star rating

What is a PU cast floor?

A polyurethane cast floor is a plastic cast floor that is cast seamlessly. A PU cast floor is characterized by elastic properties and a very maintenance-friendly character. The floor is liquid-tight and has added value in every household. Because a polyurethane cast floor is laid seamlessly, it provides a sleek and modern appearance.

Advantages of a PU cast floor:

  • Liquid-tight
  • Elastic properties
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
  • laid seamlessly
  • Sound-dampening
  • All colors possible

Disadvantages of a PU cast floor:

  • Not scratch resistant
  • Relatively expensive
  • Application takes a few days
  • Bubbles up when water gets under it

Have the cast floor removed

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