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A carefree delivery of your owner-occupied home

A house for sale Getting it ready for sale can be a tough but also emotional job. Various activities such as completely clearing and cleaning the house, tidying up the garden or moving the last things are therefore intensive and time-consuming jobs.

ZSM House Clearance you can do this completely unburdened. We'll take you take care of everything and ensure a quick and discreet completion of the work to ensure that your home is ready for sale.

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How do I submit a home for sale?

Deliver empty and clean

Firstly, it is customary for the owner-occupied home to be delivered empty, with the exception of the furnishings and, if applicable, specific items included on the list of movable property. The items taken over by the buyers may also remain in the home. Check all cupboards and areas thoroughly to make sure all items are gone. As a seller, it is wise to do a final inspection of the home yourself to ensure that nothing has been overlooked.

Secondly, it is very important that the house is delivered in a clean condition. Taking a broom, vacuum cleaner and mop through the house is certainly recommended, and don't forget the kitchen appliances, especially the oven or combination microwave. It is very disappointing for the buyers or potential buyers if the house is not clean. Also make sure that the shed, balcony and garage are swept and left tidy. If you prefer that, you can consider hiring a cleaning company.

Furnished or completely empty?

The house can be placed on the housing market either furnished or completely empty. This completely depends on the condition of the house and the interior. It is often recommended to completely clear out an old owner-occupied home with dated furnishings that could use a makeover. This ensures that the spaces are clearly visible and potential buyers can see exactly what they could do with the spaces and how large they are.

For owner-occupied homes that are still in good condition and whose furnishings are contemporary, the real estate agent may advise you to advertise the home furnished. This ensures that the house looks homely and potential buyers can imagine what it could be like. Various beautiful furnishings or custom-made objects that you have no further plans for could possibly be taken over. This also saves work if the house has to be cleared for the transfer.

The final inspection

An inspection is carried out before the legal transfer at the notary. During this inspection, the home is checked at various points. In principle, the property must correspond to the condition it was in during the last viewing at the time of closing the deal. In addition, the meter readings are also recorded during the final inspection.

How should an owner-occupied home be delivered?

Standard requirements for an owner-occupied home:

  1. Deliver the home clean and empty
  2. Remove and dispose of all loose household goods.
  3. Remove hanging lamps, complete wiring with a terminal block. Central boxes in the ceilings equipped with a central box cover.
  4. Bathroom, kitchen and toilet cleaned.
  5. Wall sockets, switches, etc. must be cleaned.
  6. Leave waste container(s) empty/clean
  7. Deliver the garden/storage/shed empty and clean.

Common requirements:

  1. Remove wall hooks, screws, nails and plugs.
  2. Filling the holes in the walls and ceilings.
  3. Remove the carpet throughout the home.
  4. Remove window coverings including mounting materials, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The most important thing to pay attention to when delivering a home is that the home is completely empty and clean.

Delivering in good condition means that the house is delivered in a neat and undamaged condition.

The delivery of the home to the new buyers takes place at the notary.

This includes legal documents such as title deeds, mortgage documents, IDs and other relevant papers.

Have your home cleared by ZSM Woningontruiming

ZSM House Clearance takes care of all work to deliver a home to the complete satisfaction of the real estate agent or buyers. This is done in a professional, environmentally conscious and discreet manner. View our here method.

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