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How do I deliver a rental property?

Deliver rental property to the landlord?

Landlords and housing associations set strict requirements for delivering a home. The costs for this work are considerably high if you have it done by the landlord.

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A carefree delivery of the rental property

A provide rental property to the landlord or housing association can be a huge job. Often there are strict requirements requirements that the home must meet in order to be delivered. The cost that the landlord or housing association passes on for these activities provided these are not completed during delivery very high.

ZSM House Clearance you can do this completely unburdened against one affordable price. We'll take you take care of everything and provide one flawless delivery to the landlord or housing association

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Everything about delivering a rental property:

Cancellation of rental agreement

You / tenant / surviving relatives / executor terminate the lease. Please take any possible into account notice period, this is in most cases 1 month. As soon as the rent has been terminated, the landlord / housing association will schedule an appointment for the preliminary inspection.

Pre-inspection / pre-recording condition

After the lease has been terminated, the landlord will schedule a preliminary inspection to check the property. During the preliminary inspection, the requirements that the home must meet are made known and included in the inspection report by the supervisor. The costs for the work to be carried out are identified and will be charged by the landlord/housing association unless they have been carried out on the day of delivery.

ZSM House Clearance can take care of both the pre- and final inspection with the landlord on your behalf.

Final inspection / delivery of rental property

The final inspection takes place on the day of delivery. During the final inspection, it is checked whether all work noted during the preliminary inspection has actually been carried out. Any work that is not in order during the final inspection will be carried out by the landlord/housing association. The costs of this will be passed on to you / the tenant / surviving relatives.

NB! The costs passed on by the landlord or housing development are very high!

How should a rental property be delivered?

Landlords and housing associations set strict requirements for the delivery of the rental property. One even stricter than the other. It therefore depends somewhat on what requirements the landlord has established that the property must meet. We list the standard and most common requirements for you:

Standard requirements for rental property:

  1. Deliver the home clean and empty
  2. Remove and dispose of all loose and permanent household items.
  3. Remove the carpet throughout the home.
  4. Remove wall hooks, screws, nails and plugs.
  5. Remove lamps / fixtures, etc., complete wiring with a terminal block. Central boxes in the ceilings equipped with a central box cover.
  6. Remove window coverings including mounting materials, etc.
  7. Bathroom, kitchen and toilet cleaned.
  8. Wall sockets, switches, etc. must be cleaned.
  9. Leave waste container(s) empty/clean
  10. Deliver the garden/storage/shed empty and clean.

Common requirements:

  1. Filling the holes in the walls and ceilings.
  2. Removing damaged/patterned wallpaper.
  3. Whitewashing colored walls and ceilings.
  4. Removing adhesive residue on the floor/stairs.

Takeover new tenant:

You may be given the opportunity to receive any new tenants in the home before the delivery date. The potential tenants can then not only view the home, but also view any items and furnishings that you do not wish to do anything with. Items or furnishings that the new tenant wishes to take over do not have to be removed if the new tenant signs for this. That can make a big difference, especially if it can prevent you from having to remove the entire floor, for example.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The most important thing to pay attention to when delivering a rental property is that all work noted in the inspection report has been carried out before the delivery date.

Delivering in good condition means that the house is delivered in a neat and undamaged condition.

After terminating the lease, the landlord or housing association will inform you on which date the home must be delivered.

When the house is delivered in good condition, the deposit will be refunded.

For rental agreements entered into before August 1, 2003, the tenant has greater responsibility and may be held liable for any damage unless he can prove that he is not responsible.

Yes, the tenant must return the property in the same or better condition than at the start of the rental, taking normal wear and tear into account.

Delivery of rental property by ZSM Woningontruiming

ZSM House Clearance takes care of all work to deliver a rental property to the full satisfaction of the landlord. This is done in a professional, environmentally conscious and discreet manner. View our here method.

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