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PU cast floor removal

Have PU cast floor removed

A PU cast floor is a beautiful and durable floor covering that is used in many modern homes and business premises. It is a floor that is easy to maintain and a... stylish appearance has. Although this floor covering is very popular, it may sometimes be necessary to remove the PU cast floor. This may be the case, for example, if the floor is damaged or if new floor coverings need to be installed. It removing a PU cast floor However, it is certainly not a piece of cake. Without it right tools and the necessary experience there is actually no starting point and the chance of damage of the subfloor is very large.

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What is a PU cast floor?

A PU cast floor is a floor covering that consists of a layer of polyurethane (PU) resin that is applied seamlessly over a subfloor. It is a popular floor covering for both residential and commercial applications due to its durability, ease of maintenance and overall finish. PU cast floors are available in different colors and finishes, making them suitable for different interior styles. They are suitable for different areas, such as living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, offices and shops. PU cast floors are often used as modern and sleek alternatives to traditional floor coverings such as tiles, laminate and carpet.

Remove PU cast floor due to leakage; water damage

The most common reason that a cast floor needs to be removed is due to water damage. Various causes can cause water or moisture to get under the floor. This is mainly due to a leak from a broken drain or water pipe. Water or moisture under the cast floor causes the cast floor to separate from the concrete subfloor, and visible bubbles and irregularities can also appear in the cast floor.

Remove PU cast floor without damaging underfloor heating

A PU cast floor is often placed on a floor with underfloor heating. Because a cast floor is directly connected to the concrete substrate, this ensures optimal functioning of the underfloor heating and no heat is lost, unlike floors that are loose on the subfloor. Everyone naturally wants to be able to optimally enjoy the underfloor heating without using too much energy. Some care is required when removing a PU cast floor that is placed on a floor with underfloor heating. The last thing you want is for a pipe to become damaged and a leak to occur. So leave this to a professional.

Costs to remove PU cast floor

Removing a PU cast floor costs average between €25 and €35 per square meter. These costs do not include the removal of the waste. Disposing of the cast floor costs €26 per 100 kilograms.

PU cast floor removal€25 to €35 per m2
Remove epoxy layer€15 to €25 per m2
Waste costs€26 per 100 kilograms
No rights can be derived from the above prices.

Frequently asked questions:

How to remove PU cast floor?

To remove a PU cast floor you will need: A heavy floor stripper, concrete sander, hammer and chisel. You start by removing the PU top layer using a floor stripper, then sand the epoxy layer down to the concrete with a concrete sander. Using a hammer and chisel, ensure that all pieces in the corners and edges that the machines cannot reach are removed.

How long does it take to remove a PU cast floor?

The duration of the removal process depends on several factors, such as the size of the surface, any obstacles, the thickness of the casting layer and the type of tools used.
In general, removing a PU cast floor takes one to two days.

Can I remove a PU cast floor myself?

Although it is possible to remove a PU cast floor yourself, it is not an easy process.
It requires not only large and heavy tools, but also experience and perseverance. It is therefore definitely advisable to have a PU cast floor removed by a professional.

Have PU cast floor removed by ZSM Woningontruiming

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