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A remove PVC floor can be quite a job, especially when it comes to glued PVC strips or tiles. These types of PVC floors are made of High Quality and made to last a long time. The PVC becomes completely glued on a leveled floor which ensures that the floor optimally adheres to the subfloor. Glued PVC is therefore often used in combination with underfloor heating because glued PVC ensures optimal operation of the underfloor heating. Caution, experience and good tools are therefore important points to keep a PVC floor tidy remove without damaging the floor.

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How do you remove a PVC floor?

This is often the first question people ask when they want to remove a PVC floor themselves. First, it is important to determine exactly what type of PVC floor it is. PVC is available in 2 variants: adhesive PVC and click PVC. The variants themselves tell you what kind of PVC this is and how it is installed. Sticky PVC is of course glued to the subfloor and click PVC is clicked together and therefore floats over the subfloor. But how do you remove these PVC floors?

Remove glued PVC floor

Glued PVC is the most difficult to remove of the PVC types. Because the floor is completely glued, it will not come loose without any effort. The best and most common method to remove this floor is to use a floor stripper. A floor stripper ensures that the floor comes loose from the substrate by pressing the sharp blade between the PVC floor and the substrate with a lot of weight and pushing force. This method is the most effective but requires experience and strength to properly control the machine and ensure the best end result without damaging the floor.

Click to remove PVC floor

Click PVC is the easiest to remove of the 2. Just like laminate, the PVC planks or tiles are pushed together and clicked, so to remove this floor you only have to pull the PVC in one of the corners and shoot it. so loose. If you do this carefully, you can possibly move the floor with you and/or reuse it, unlike glued PVC, which is no longer reusable after removal.

Removing PVC floor with underfloor heating

A glued PVC floor is often placed on a floor with underfloor heating. Because PVC is glued directly to the surface, this ensures optimal functioning of the underfloor heating and no heat is lost, unlike other floors. Everyone naturally wants to be able to optimally enjoy underfloor heating without having to use too much energy. Some care is required when removing a PVC floor that is placed on a floor with underfloor heating. The last thing you want is for a pipe to become damaged and a leak to occur. So leave this to a professional.

Costs to remove PVC floor

Removing a glued PVC floor costs average between €10 and €15 per square meter. These costs do not include the removal of the waste. Disposing of the PVC costs €26 per 100 kilograms. For large surfaces it may be more convenient and cheaper to place a container because PVC is a fairly heavy material in itself. The costs for, for example, a 3 cubic meter waste container are around €250.

Remove glued PVC€10 to €15 per m2
Click remove PVC€4 to €6 per m2
Remove adhesive residue from PVC€2 to €4 per m2
Waste costs€26 per 100 kilograms
No rights can be derived from the above prices.

Frequently asked questions:

How quickly do you remove a PVC floor?

We remove a PVC floor within one day! There are of course exceptions, but based on a home up to 200 square meters, we will remove this within one day.

How quickly can you start removing the PVC floor?

It is not without reason that ZSM Housing Clearance stands for As Soon as Possible. In most cases we can get started within a few days. If you really have an emergency, we are often able to come the same day and remove the PVC floor.

Do you also remove the adhesive residue?

Of course! In most cases, our machine that removes the floor already takes most of the adhesive residue with it. If some adhesive residue remains, we can often scrape it away by hand. In extreme cases we use a sanding machine to ensure that the floor is bare and free of glue again.

Have the PVC floor removed by ZSM Woningontruiming

Do you want to be sure that your PVC floor is removed professionally without unnecessary damage? ZSM House Clearance has the right expertise and materials to return any floor to bare rock. For more information, please call or email by clicking one of the buttons below.

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