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Removing stone strips

Remove stone slips by a professional?

Let us take care of the removal of the brick strips or wall panels in your home. Stone strips, sometimes also called brick strips, are often glued with cement glue or putty on a concrete wall. In this case, the strips can be easily removed and the adhesive residue can also be almost completely removed. If this is not the case and the brick slips are attached to a different type of wall, this may require more work. It is important to use good working methods for these various types of walls to minimize damage to the wall. There is a good chance that the wall will have to be plastered again after removing the brick slips. After all, it is really demolition work. ZSM House Clearance has the right equipment and expertise to deliver every wall free of brick slips.

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Costs to remove stone slips

The costs for removing stone slips depend on various factors. First, it is important to know how many M2 of brick slips need to be removed. This way we know how many employees we need to work with to remove the brick slips in one day and how much waste will be released during the work. Secondly, it is nice if we know in advance what type of wall the brick slips are attached to. If you don't know this, don't panic. In most cases we remove the brick slips from any type of wall within one day. We just like to be able to prepare our clients as best as possible for any work that is required after the stone slips have been removed for the best end result. Would you like to know what it will cost to remove the stone slips from your home? Then ask immediately obligation free quote On!

ZSM removed an entire wall of stone strips from us. The men worked very neatly and delivered everything perfectly. Communication with ZSM was also very pleasant. Highly recommended!

5 star rating on google.

Marielle B.

What types of stone slips are there?

Brick slips come in different shapes and sizes. The thickness of the most common brick slips is between 20 and 50 mm. These are glued or cemented to the wall and then grouted to simulate clean brickwork. The different types of brick slips are:

-Stone strips sawn from bricks
-Ceramic Stone Strips
-Mineral Stone Strips
-Plastic stone strips
-Fired tiles
-Self-adhesive brick slips

Advantages of brick slips?

1. Brick slips take up considerably less space than traditional bricks as we know them.
2. Brick slips are indistinguishable from traditional bricks.
3. Brick slips can be installed quickly.
4. A wide range of sizes, colors and materials.
5. Good in combination with insulation panels.
6. You can paint brick slips

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