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Moving is a major event, especially for seniors. It's more than just moving belongings; it is a transition to a new phase of life.

On this page we discuss everything you need to know about senior moves and explain what our eviction agents can do for you during senior moves.

Moving seniors works slightly differently than 'normal' removals and that is why we, as a clearing agent / mover, are happy to help you move safely.

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House clearance

ZSM House Clearance takes care of all work to deliver a house empty and swept clean to your full satisfaction.

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ZSM House Clearance specialises in the removal and disposal of all types of flooring. Also for stair covering removal.


ZSM Housing Clearance demolishes with policy. We are VCA Certified! A safe and sustainable working method is our first priority!

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Selection of the contents: the beginning of a new start

When a senior moves in, it starts with selecting the furnishings. Which furniture and personal items will be taken with you to the new home? This choice can be emotional, but it also offers an opportunity for a fresh start. These types of matters and many more require extra help when moving seniors. That is why our professional gentlemen are not only concerned with clearing the house and moving your belongings, but they also really look after the elderly and pay attention to their wishes. ZSM Woningontruiming is the specialist in clearing and moving homes of the elderly. 

House clearance after death: respectful and careful

After the death of a senior comes the task of home clearance. This is an emotional and practical process in which respect for the deceased and the surviving relatives is central. Furthermore, moving to a care home obviously has a lot of emotional impact. The elderly person may not want to be placed in a nursing home at all. With our senior moving service we ensure that we pay extra attention to the elderly and we are not only concerned with the delivery of the old home. Our movers know exactly what to do. 

Professional relocation of your belongings: carefree and safe

ZSM home clearance specializes in senior relocations and we ensure that the move goes smoothly and safely. From packing moving boxes to transporting valuable items, everything is handled with extra attention. With our moving team you always have a worry-free move and you can immediately enjoy your new home. With our help everything will be fine! 

Senior moving and storage. space for memories

Often not everything can be taken to the new place. That is why storage of other household effects is an important aspect of senior moves. This way, valuable memories are preserved and still stored safely. You can also say goodbye to your precious belongings after a complete move and even on the day of the move. 

You are moving, but where do you feel at home?

The choice between the city or the countryside is crucial. Each location has its charms and challenges. Consider the accessibility of facilities and the proximity of family or friends. However, older people are increasingly opting for sheltered housing. This way they still get the help they need in the new, but smaller home, but they are still independent in their own home. 

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The costs of a senior move vary. Requesting a quote without obligation helps to get a clear idea of the price. Discounts and packages can make the move affordable. We have an emergency team and this means that contacting us is no problem at all. We are available 7 days a week to help you.

ZSM House clearance and our services

ZSM Home Clearance is a company that takes the unique needs of seniors into account. With the right help and planning, the move can be a positive experience, allowing seniors to enjoy their new home and a new phase in their lives. Do you need help or would you like to know more? Please contact us on telephone number 070-2116102 or via our online quote request form. We are happy to help you!

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Senior moves are moves that require extra attention and care for seniors. This includes planning, packing, transporting, and unpacking belongings, often to a smaller or single-story home.

ZSM Woningontruiming can offer you the service you need. We understand the unique needs and can complete the move efficiently and with respect for the senior.

ZSM Woningontruiming can only help you clear or move your belongings. However, there are also special companies that can help you furnish your home. They can put furniture in the right place and even help hang curtains.

These can be stored, donated to a thrift store, or, if necessary, disposed of properly.

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