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Vinyl floor removal

Vinyl flooring expertly removed

A vinyl flooring is a carpet type which is made of a layer of vinyl material glued to an underlay. It is often used as a sustainable and affordable alternative for wooden or stone floors. Vinyl flooring are available in many different colours, patterns and textures, making it a sophisticated option for any interior. The remove of a vinyl floor can take some effort, especially if the floor is well glued. In some cases, hiring a professional may be the best option to get the job done fast and efficient clarify.

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Removing bonded vinyl

Removing a glued vinyl floor can be a tricky job. This is because glued vinyl is firmly attached to the subfloor and cannot simply be pulled loose. It is therefore important to proceed carefully so as not to damage the subfloor. Using heavy tools is a must in this kind of situation. Subcontracting the work to a professional is therefore definitely recommended.

Vinyl floor removal costs

Removing a bonded vinyl floor costs on average between €11 and €13 per square metre. These costs do not include waste disposal. Disposal of the vinyl costs €26 per 100 kilograms.

Removing bonded vinyl€11 to €13 per m2
Removing loose vinyl€2 to €4 per m2
Waste costs€26 per 100 kilograms
No rights can be derived from the above prices.

Frequently asked questions:

What is the best way to remove a vinyl floor?

To remove vinyl flooring, you must first loosen and remove the floor covering. This is best done by using a Stanley knife to cut the floor covering into small pieces and then lifting the pieces one by one.
You can then remove the adhesive residue with a scraper and an adhesive remover. It is important to remove the subfloor after removing the vinyl floor before laying new flooring.

What are the best tools to use when removing a vinyl floor?

The best tools to use when removing a vinyl floor are a cutter, a scraper and an adhesive remover.
The cutter can be used to cut the vinyl floor into small pieces, the scraper can be used to lift the pieces and the glue remover can be used to remove the glue residue.

Can I lay vinyl flooring over an existing floor?

It is not recommended to lay vinyl flooring over an existing floor. If the existing floor is not properly prepared, it can lead to problems such as creaking and movement of the new flooring.

How long does it take to remove a vinyl floor?

How long it takes to remove a vinyl floor depends on several factors, such as the size of the room and how easily the flooring comes off. Generally, removing a vinyl floor takes from a few hours to a whole day.

Should I get professional help to remove my vinyl floor?

Removing vinyl flooring is generally a DIY job you can do yourself.
However, if you have no experience in removing flooring or the flooring is difficult to loosen, hiring a professional may be a good idea to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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